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Top 5 Reasons To Use Aruba Instant On Switches

“Aruba Instant On is great because you don't have to be a Wi-Fi expert to make it work!”

“The setup is a breeze – I got it online and configured within just 5 minutes. I can confidently recommend it as a reliable access point that's simple to set up.”

“The performance is excellent, and it stays easy to set up even if you're dealing with multiple access points. Highly impressed!”

These are just a few reviews we got for the Aruba Instant ON switches

Indeed one of the highly recommended brands for businesses looking for switches, Aruba has made a separate fanbase around the tech world. The global pandemic has compelled a swift transition to remote work setups, digital processes, streamlined business functions, and innovative solutions to address unexpected challenges. The surge in remote work has particularly accelerated the adoption of cloud applications and services. This is especially seen among small businesses that need to maintain agility and speed.

And thanks to the networking switches distributor in Dubai, they have got you covered for the same.

In this era of heightened dependence on technology, ensuring that your customers have access to uncomplicated and intelligent networking solutions is more crucial than ever. And here comes the Aruba Instant On cloud-managed network solution from the Networking switches wholesaler in Dubai: made to revolve around being smart and simple. Setting up your customers' networks becomes easier with swift and efficient connectivity. Aruba makes sure you get both within and outside operations that not only save time but also minimize complications and costs.

As part of the Hewlett Packard Enterprise family, Aruba exclusively caters to the needs of small businesses through our dedicated channel partners. Our commitment is to make the Instant On experience straightforward for your customers, ensuring it is not only beneficial for them but also profitable for you.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should bet on Aruba from the Aruba Instant on switches distributor:

1. Effortlessly deploy networks at your clients' locations

Swift installations translate to quicker returns and increased business value for your customers. Utilize the Instant On mobile app to promptly configure both wireless and wired networks at new customer sites. Simply follow the user-friendly installation wizard provided by Instant On. The mobile app conveniently presents a list of sites linked to your account. Partners can effortlessly choose a site, initiate a remote access session, and efficiently oversee your customer's network from a distance. This approach allows you to support multiple customers concurrently. Each site is logically separate, featuring its unique configuration, statistics, guest portal, and usage privileges.

2. Effortlessly visualize your customers' network structures

It's crucial to know about the performance of your customers' networks at all times. However, the challenges of unplanned downtime, limited resources, and network performance issues can impede day-to-day business operations. The Instant On solution is managed through the cloud. It ensures that issues are swiftly identified and resolved.

The Topology View feature presents an easy-to-understand map of all Instant On access points and switches. It empowers your support team to efficiently pinpoint and troubleshoot network issues. This view provides a quick summary of the network's structure, the current state of network devices, the number of connected clients, and the status of links between network devices.

Within the app, a graphical topology map illustrates the connections between devices, and a simple tap reveals detailed information about a device's MAC address, model, and location. If there's a need to identify a specific device, a quick tap of the "Locate" button even flashes an LED on the corresponding Instant On device.

3. Stay updated with proactive notifications

Cloud management, coupled with automated trouble alerts, enables solution partners to diagnose & address network issues. However, merely receiving alerts is not enough. Without a visual depiction of the network's topology, it becomes challenging to identify the cause and resolve the issue.

Instant On takes care of this by automatically sending email and text alerts to notify your team of connection or device problems. It is done when the device capacity is exceeded, and software updates are available. You and your customers can choose to receive Email Notifications, Push Notifications, or a combination of both to stay informed about any issues.

4. Know your customers' networks from a unified platform

Remote management has become important in the era of COVID-safe operations. With Instant On, you can manage your customers' networks from any location and use the device of your preference. There's no requirement to physically travel to your customers' sites. This saves you both time and money while coping with the necessity for trained IT staff at customer locations. The entire network can be efficiently managed from one centralized location.

Switching between the Instant On cloud-based web portal and the mobile app is seamless and comes at no additional cost. It provides you with comprehensive visibility into your customers' access points, switches, and network status, including details on traffic type and volume.

5. Safeguard your customers' networks with advanced security

The size of a business doesn't shield it from the constant threat of cyberattacks. 

Aruba Instant on industrial switches distributor empowers you to deliver enhanced security with a simple tap:

- Application Control

Instant On actively protects your customers' networks against viruses, spyware, hackers, malware, and various threats. Employing secure browsing, Instant On helps block known malicious and risky sites and applications. It ensures the safety of your customers' staff and guests from phishing, fraud, and ransomware.

- Client Blocking

If you spot a device that shouldn't be on your customer's network, you can prevent it from accessing the internet by blocking it from the connected device list. Blocked devices are conveniently displayed in a "Blocked Clients" list alongside the "Connected Clients" tab. Tapping on any device in this list allows you to remove it from the block list, restoring network access.

- Bandwidth Control

While Instant On has always allowed you to set bandwidth limits for individual clients on a wireless network, the latest option enables you and your customers to configure a bandwidth limit per Access Point (AP). This feature ensures a superior Wi-Fi experience during business conference calls while preventing streaming videos from consuming excessive bandwidth.

Aruba Instant On simplifies business networking to the core. At Aruba, our dedication lies in ensuring a consistently exceptional network experience, providing you and your customers with added value. Explore the latest deals only at the Networking switches supplier, Bizaar- Buy IT Right!