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Ubiquiti EP-24V-72W Power Supply: Reliable PoE Networking Solution

Ubiquiti EP-24V-72W Power Supply: Reliable PoE Networking Solution

Ubiquiti's EP-24V-72W: High-performance PoE power supply with dual RJ45 ports, wide input options, and ESD/EMP protection for reliable network management.
SKU: EP-24V-72W
Warranty: 1 Year
UPC/EAN: 817882027915
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Product description

Introducing the Ubiquiti EP-24V-72W, a versatile and high-performance power supply solution designed to meet your networking and management needs. With a focus on reliability and efficiency, this Ubiquiti product offers a range of features and specifications to ensure seamless operation in a variety of settings.

At its core, the Ubiquiti EP-24V-72W is equipped with (2) 10/100 Mbps RJ45 ports, facilitating fast and stable network connections. These Ethernet in-band ports make it easy to integrate into your existing Ubiquiti network infrastructure. With PoE output support, this Ubiquiti device can power compatible devices efficiently through (2) 24VDC Passive PoE connections, enhancing network flexibility and simplifying cable management.

The Ubiquiti EP-24V-72W boasts a wide range of input options, ensuring compatibility in different environments. It accepts 100-240VAC at 50-60 Hz, making it a universal solution for various power sources. Additionally, it accommodates DC input via a terminal block, providing you with the flexibility to connect a 12VDC lead-acid battery (battery not included) for backup power. Please note that it is essential to use a lead-acid battery for safety reasons.

Efficiency and reliability are at the forefront of this Ubiquiti product's design, with a system output of 72W. The system itself consumes only 2W of power, ensuring minimal energy consumption while delivering consistent performance. For added peace of mind, the Ubiquiti EP-24V-72W features robust ESD/EMP protection, with ±12 kV air and contact protection.

Operational adaptability is key, and this Ubiquiti power supply can withstand a broad operating temperature range, from 0 to 40°C (32 to 104°F). Its operating humidity tolerance extends from 10% to 90% noncondensing, allowing for deployment in various climates and conditions.

Rest assured that this Ubiquiti product meets essential certifications, including CE, FCC, and IC, ensuring it complies with industry standards for safety and quality.

In summary, the Ubiquiti EP-24V-72W is a dependable and versatile power supply solution, offering robust networking capabilities and flexible power options. Its efficient design, wide input voltage range, and comprehensive protection features make it an ideal choice for a range of applications, from small-scale networking setups to more extensive deployments. With the Ubiquiti EP-24V-72W, you can be confident in your power supply's performance and reliability.




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