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Cudy MC100SB-20A Ethernet Media Converter

Cudy MC100SB-20A Ethernet Media Converter

The Cudy MC100SB-20A Ethernet Media Converter seamlessly converts Ethernet signals between copper and fiber optic cables, extending network reach with ease. Its compact design and straightforward installation make it a reliable choice for integrating into existing network configurations, ensuring smooth and efficient connectivity.
SKU: MC100SB-20A
Brand: Cudy
Warranty: 1 Year
UPC/EAN: 6971690790639

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Product description

The Cudy MC100SB-20A Ethernet Media Converter offers a reliable solution for seamlessly integrating different network types. Designed to meet the demands of modern networking environments, this media converter ensures efficient data transmission between copper Ethernet and fiber optic networks. Whether you're extending network reach, integrating new equipment, or bridging connectivity gaps, the MC100SB-20A provides a dependable solution for versatile networking applications.

Efficient Data Transmission: At the heart of the Cudy MC100SB-20A is its efficient data transmission capabilities, enabling seamless communication between copper Ethernet and fiber optic networks. With support for Gigabit Ethernet speeds, this media converter ensures fast and reliable data transfer, making it ideal for bandwidth-intensive tasks such as streaming high-definition video, transferring large files, and supporting multiple users simultaneously. Whether you're upgrading network infrastructure or optimizing existing connections, the MC100SB-20A delivers the performance and reliability needed to keep your network running smoothly.

Flexible Connectivity Options: The Cudy MC100SB-20A Ethernet Media Converter offers flexible connectivity options to suit various networking requirements. Equipped with an RJ45 Ethernet port and a fiber optic port, this converter allows for seamless integration into both copper and fiber optic networks. Whether you're connecting switches, routers, servers, or other network devices, the MC100SB-20A ensures compatibility and interoperability, providing a versatile solution for diverse networking environments.

Compact and Durable Design: Featuring a compact and durable design, the Cudy MC100SB-20A is built to withstand the rigors of daily use. Its sturdy metal housing ensures durability and reliability, making it suitable for deployment in industrial, commercial, and office settings. Additionally, the compact form factor allows for easy installation in tight spaces, while the included mounting brackets provide flexibility in deployment options.

Easy Installation and Maintenance: Despite its advanced capabilities, the Cudy MC100SB-20A Ethernet Media Converter is designed for easy installation and maintenance. With its plug-and-play design, this converter can be quickly installed without the need for additional configuration or setup. Furthermore, comprehensive diagnostic LEDs provide real-time status monitoring, allowing for quick identification of network issues and simplified troubleshooting. Whether you're a network administrator, IT professional, or business owner, the MC100SB-20A offers simplicity and reliability in extending network connectivity.



1.36 kgs
Package Dimension
26 x 15 x 7.5 cm
1 Year