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Cudy SFP SM100MA-05 SFP Module

Cudy SFP SM100MA-05 SFP Module

Enhance your network capabilities with the SM100MA-05 Copper SFP Transceivers. Compliant with 10/100 Mb/s standards, these transceivers offer seamless integration. Featuring advanced technology and a compact design, they ensure reliable performance over various cable lengths. Upgrade your network effortlessly with these versatile SFP transceivers.
SKU: SM100MA-05
Brand: Cudy
UPC/EAN: 6971690790691

Product description

The SM100MA-05 Copper Small Form Pluggable (SFP) transceivers adhere to the SFP Multi Source Agreement (MSA) and boast compatibility with the 10base-T / 100base-Tx standards outlined in IEEE Std 802.3. Utilizing the SFP's RX_LOS pin for link indication and featuring a unique capability, pulling up the SFP's TX_DISABLE pin initiates a reset in the SWITCH IC.

These transceivers excel in various scenarios with a flexible Cable Length and Line Side compatibility. Supporting CAT5 cables for both 10base-T (200m reach) and 100base-Tx (100m reach), along with 100base-FX compatibility, they offer a versatile solution for different network setups.

SFP to Host Connector Pin Out:
VEET (Pin 1): Transmitter Ground (Common with Receiver Ground)
TDIS (Pin 3): Transmitter Disable. Laser output disabled on high or open.
Rate Select (Pin 7): No connection required
LOS (Pin 8): High indicates no link, low indicates linked.

Circuit ground is connected to chassis ground.
PHY disabled on TDIS > 2.0V or open, enabled on TDIS < 0.8V.
Should be pulled up with 4.7k - 10k Ohms on the host board to a voltage between 2.0V and 3.6V. MOD_DEF(0) pulls the line low to indicate the module is plugged in.
LVTTL compatible with a maximum voltage of 2.5V.
+3.3V Volt Electrical Power Interface:
The SFP-100BASE-Tx operates within a 3.3V +/- 5% input voltage range, with a maximum voltage of 4V not allowed for continuous operation.

Supply Current (Is): - 300mA (1.0W max power)
Input Voltage (Vcc): 3.13V - 3.47V
Maximum Voltage (Vmax): 4V
Caution: Power consumption and surge current may exceed specified values in the SFP MSA.

Low-Speed Signals:
MOD_DEF(1) (SCL) and MOD_DEF(2) (SDA) are open drain CMOS signals, and both must be pulled up to host_Vcc.

Electronic Characteristics:
SFP Output LOW (VOL): 0 - 0.5V
SFP Output HIGH (VOH): host_Vcc - 0.5V to host_Vcc + 0.3V
SFP Input LOW (VIL): 0 - 0.8V
SFP Input HIGH (VIH): 2V to Vcc + 0.3V
This detailed information provides a comprehensive understanding of the SM100MA-05 SFP Transceivers, ensuring a smooth integration into diverse network environments.



Data Rate
Up to 24 Mbps