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Cudy WR1300 Wi-Fi Mesh Router

Cudy WR1300 Wi-Fi Mesh Router

Cudy WR1300: AC1200 Gigabit Wi-Fi Mesh Router with concurrent dual-band connectivity, powerful dual-core CPU, and 5-IN-1 multi-mode versatility. Experience extended range, high-speed streaming, and robust security with built-in VPN clients. Enjoy DDNS support, OpenWrt readiness, and superior performance for your home network needs.
SKU: WR1300
Brand: Cudy
Warranty: 1 Year
UPC/EAN: 6971690793081

Product description

Elevate your home network with the Cudy WR1300 AC1200 Gigabit Wi-Fi Mesh Router, a powerhouse of advanced features designed for seamless connectivity and high-performance networking. Enjoy the benefits of AC1200 dual-band Wi-Fi, a robust dual-core CPU, and versatile 5-IN-1 multi-mode functionality for a superior internet experience.

Experience Concurrent Dual Band WiFi with the WR1300. The 2.4GHz band provides an extended range, while the 5GHz band reaches speeds of up to 867Mbps, making it ideal for gaming and 4K streaming. The dual-band design allows the router to handle simple tasks like web browsing on the 2.4GHz band and bandwidth-intensive activities like online gaming or HD video streaming on the 5GHz band simultaneously.

The WR1300 is a 5-IN-1 WiFi router that serves as a Wi-Fi router, Wi-Fi extender, Access Point, WISP router, and Mesh mode. This versatility ensures that the router adapts to various networking needs, providing optimal performance in different scenarios.

Equipped with a high-performance dual-core CPU, the WR1300 ensures smooth 4K UHD streaming to smart TVs, mobile devices, and gaming consoles without buffering. The four 5dBi high-gain antennas further boost sensitivity, creating connections over greater distances and penetrating walls for a more expansive coverage area.

Security is paramount with the WR1300, featuring built-in VPN clients supporting PPTP/L2TP protocols. Establish a secure connection to a VPN server, safeguarding your online data and traffic with encryption. This functionality facilitates remote access to your home network, connecting it to your work or school network with ease.

The router supports 15+ Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS) providers, allowing you to bind your home IP address to a custom domain name. This ensures that remote management of your home network remains accessible, even with a frequently changing IP address assigned by your internet service provider.

OpenWrt enthusiasts will appreciate the OpenWrt Ready feature of the WR1300. With 6MB Flash and 128MB DDR3, the router is ready for continuous operation, faster performance, and expanded functionality. Visit the Cudy official website to explore additional software and possibilities for customization.

Upgrade your home network to the Cudy WR1300 AC1200 Gigabit Wi-Fi Mesh Router and enjoy reliable, secure, and high-performance connectivity tailored to your diverse needs.



0.7 kgs
Data Rate
1-2 Gbps
Number of Antennas
Number of Ports
Data Throughput
1-2 Gbps
Form Factor
Package Dimension
28 x 28 x 6
Port Speed
1 Gbps
1 Year