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HPE Networking Instant On Access Point AP15 (R2X06A)

HPE Networking Instant On Access Point AP15 (R2X06A)

Aruba Instant On AP15 Indoor Access Points offer premium-grade Wave 2 802.11ac Wi-Fi for small businesses. With a compact form factor and 2 Gbps peak data rate, they cater to high-performance network demands. Built-in controllers simplify deployment and management without extra costs.
Warranty: 2 Year

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Product description

The Aruba Instant On AP15 Indoor Access Points redefine the standards for medium-density small business environments, offering an unbeatable combination of affordability and premium-grade Wave 2 802.11ac Wi-Fi technology. Tailored to meet the dynamic demands of today's tech-start-ups, retail stores, and co-working spaces, these access points provide exceptional performance and bandwidth without breaking the bank.

With business-grade capabilities built-in, the AP15 is perfectly suited to support the burgeoning needs of mobile devices, IoT implementations, and stringent security requirements. This makes it an ideal solution for small businesses seeking to elevate their connectivity infrastructure without compromising on quality or cost-effectiveness.

Despite its compact form factor, the AP15 packs a punch, delivering reliable multi-user capabilities and an impressive aggregate peak data rate of 2 Gbps. This ensures seamless high-definition video streaming and supports the bandwidth-intensive demands of cloud-based applications, empowering businesses to stay connected and productive.

One of the standout features of the Aruba Instant On AP15 is its built-in controller, which streamlines deployment and management processes. Even without extensive IT experience, businesses can easily install and manage multiple access points thanks to this intuitive controller functionality. This eliminates the need for additional hardware or complex software applications, reducing deployment time and operational overhead.

Designed specifically for high-traffic environments, the AP15 excels in providing consistent, high-performance Wi-Fi connectivity. Whether it's a bustling tech-start-up or a vibrant co-working space, businesses can rely on the AP15 to deliver a seamless user experience, even during peak usage periods.

In summary, the Aruba Instant On AP15 Indoor Access Points offer small businesses a cost-effective yet powerful solution to their networking needs. With unparalleled performance, ease of deployment, and robust feature set, the AP15 is poised to become the go-to choice for businesses looking to stay connected, productive, and competitive in today's digital landscape.



0.74 kgs
Wireless Communication Standard
Connectivity Type
Package Dimension
22 x 20 x 7 cm
Power Source Included
2 Year