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HPE Networking Instant On Switch 1960 24G (JL806A)

HPE Networking Instant On Switch 1960 24G (JL806A)

The Aruba Instant On 1960 24G Switch (JL806A) offers small to medium-sized businesses reliable networking solutions with 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports. Its advanced features and easy setup streamline network management, providing seamless connectivity for diverse devices and ensuring efficient operations in dynamic business environments.
Warranty: 2 Year
UPC/EAN: 190017520339

Product description

The Aruba Instant On 1960 24G Switch (JL806A) represents a cornerstone of efficient and reliable networking infrastructure tailored to the specific needs of small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). With its comprehensive feature set and robust performance capabilities, this switch delivers seamless connectivity and streamlined network operations.

At its core, the Aruba Instant On 1960 24G Switch boasts 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports, providing ample connectivity for a diverse array of devices within the network. From computers and printers to IP cameras and access points, businesses can effortlessly integrate their essential hardware, facilitating smooth data transfer and communication across the organization. Versatility is a defining characteristic of the Aruba Instant On 1960 24G Switch. Its 24 ports support various configurations, including auto-sensing Gigabit Ethernet ports and Power over Ethernet (PoE) options, new technologies and devices as business needs evolve over time.

Moreover, the Aruba Instant On 1960 24G Switch prioritizes simplicity and ease of use. Its intuitive web-based management interface empowers administrators to configure settings, monitor network activity, and troubleshoot issues with minimal effort. With features such as VLAN support, Quality of Service (QoS) prioritization, and Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP), businesses can optimize network performance and ensure seamless operation across all connected devices.

Security is paramount in today's digital landscape, and the Aruba Instant On 1960 24G Switch offers robust security features to safeguard sensitive data and protect against unauthorized access. Advanced security protocols, including Access Control Lists (ACLs), port security, and secure management access, mitigate potential security risks and ensure data integrity throughout the network infrastructure.

Furthermore, the Aruba Instant On 1960 24G Switch is designed with scalability and reliability in mind. Its durable construction and redundant power supply options minimize downtime and ensure uninterrupted network connectivity, even in the face of hardware failures or power outages.

In summary, the Aruba Instant On 1960 24G Switch (JL806A) stands as a testament to Aruba's commitment to delivering cutting-edge networking solutions tailored to the unique requirements of SMBs. With its robust performance capabilities, advanced management features, and comprehensive security protocols, this switch empowers businesses to build resilient and efficient network infrastructures that drive productivity and innovation.



5.79 kgs
Number of Ports
Ports and Slots
24 x 10/100/1000BASE-T
Product Dimensions
39.5 x 49.25 x 47 cm
2 Year
Package Dimension
58 x 50 x 13 cm