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LENOVO LAPTOP IP1 15IGL7 Celeron N4020 4GB Ram / 256GB SSD / DOS / 15.6" Screen Laptop

LENOVO LAPTOP IP1 15IGL7 Celeron N4020 4GB Ram / 256GB SSD / DOS / 15.6" Screen Laptop

The Lenovo Laptop IP1 15IGL7 is a powerful companion featuring an Intel Celeron N4020 processor, 4GB RAM, and a speedy 256GB SSD. With a vibrant 15.6-inch display and a sleek design, it offers efficiency and portability for work or entertainment on the go.
SKU: ‎82V70082FE
Brand: Lenovo
Warranty: 1 Year
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Product description

Introducing the Lenovo Laptop IP1 15IGL7, a sleek and versatile computing solution that seamlessly blends performance, portability, and user-friendly features. Powered by the efficient Intel Celeron N4020 processor, this laptop delivers responsive performance for your everyday computing needs. With 4GB of RAM, multitasking becomes smooth and efficient, allowing you to effortlessly navigate between applications and enhance your overall productivity.

One of the standout features of the Lenovo IP1 15IGL7 is its ample and high-speed 256GB solid-state drive (SSD). This storage solution not only provides substantial space for your documents, media, and files but also ensures rapid data access and quicker system responsiveness. The SSD technology contributes to faster boot times, seamless application launches, and an overall snappy computing experience, enhancing both efficiency and convenience.

The laptop boasts a vibrant 15.6-inch display, providing an immersive visual experience for various computing tasks. Whether you are working on projects, streaming videos, or enjoying multimedia content, the display's clarity and vivid colors add an extra dimension to your computing experience. The spacious screen real estate ensures a comfortable workspace for both productivity and entertainment.

Running on the DOS operating system, the Lenovo IP1 15IGL7 offers a clean and customizable platform for users to tailor their preferred computing environment. This flexibility allows you to install the operating system of your choice, making it adaptable to your specific needs and preferences.

Designed with user comfort and convenience in mind, the laptop features a sleek and portable design. Whether you're a student, a professional on the move, or a casual user, the Lenovo IP1 15IGL7 is easy to carry, ensuring you can stay productive wherever you go.

Connectivity is seamless with a range of ports, including USB ports and HDMI, providing flexibility for connecting peripherals and expanding your laptop's capabilities. Whether you need to transfer files, connect external devices, or project your screen, the Lenovo IP1 15IGL7 offers comprehensive connectivity options.

In conclusion, the Lenovo Laptop IP1 15IGL7 strikes a balance between performance, storage capacity, and portability. Whether you're tackling work tasks, enjoying multimedia content, or browsing the web, the Lenovo IP1 15IGL7 is a reliable and versatile computing companion. Elevate your computing experience with the efficiency and convenience of the Lenovo IP1 15IGL7.




2.5 kgs
Operating System
Package Dimension
55 x 35 x 9 cm
Intel Celeron N4020
RAM Capacity
4 GB
Storage Capacity
256 GB
Storage Type
1 Year
Screen Size