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LightWave LW OUPS-10KVA Online UPS

LightWave LW OUPS-10KVA Online UPS

Never lose your flow with Lightwave UPS. Our eco-friendly online systems provide reliable backup power during outages, safeguarding your electronics and ensuring seamless performance. Featuring advanced AVR technology, they automatically regulate voltage fluctuations, protecting your equipment from harmful surges. Choose the perfect model for your needs, from home UPS systems to robust online solutions, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with Lightwaveโ€™s reliable power protection.
Warranty: 1 Year

Product description

The LightWave LW OUPS-10KVA Online UPS is a reliable and efficient power backup solution suitable for various applications, including home offices, small businesses, and data centers. With a robust 10KVA capacity, this UPS provides ample power to keep your critical equipment running during power outages.

Cold Start and ECO Mode: Featuring a cold start function, the UPS can start up without mains power, ensuring continuous operation even in emergency situations. The ECO mode optimizes energy consumption by automatically adjusting power output based on load demand, reducing energy costs without compromising performance.

Efficiency Up to 90%: With an efficiency rating of up to 90%, this UPS minimizes energy wastage, leading to lower electricity bills and environmental impact. It operates efficiently even under varying load conditions, ensuring stable power delivery to connected devices.

Emergency Power Off and Hot-Swappable Battery: The UPS is equipped with an emergency power off feature for immediate shutdowns when necessary, protecting equipment from potential damage. Its hot-swappable battery design allows for easy battery replacement without interrupting power supply to critical devices.

Convertible Design and Wide Input Voltage Range: Designed with both rack and tower convertible options, this UPS offers flexibility in installation to suit different space constraints. The wide input voltage range ensures compatibility with various power sources, providing reliable protection against voltage fluctuations.

Optional Powerful Charger and High Output Power Factor: An optional powerful charger enhances battery charging speed, reducing downtime and ensuring quick recovery during power interruptions. With a high output power factor of 0.9F, the UPS delivers efficient and stable power to support sensitive electronic equipment.

Frequency Converter Mode and Comprehensive Monitoring: The frequency converter mode allows users to adjust the UPS's output frequency, making it adaptable to different power system requirements. The comprehensive display provides real-time monitoring of critical parameters, including battery status, input/output voltage, and load capacity, for easy management.

Smart SNMP Compatibility and Power Shedding Feature: The UPS is compatible with Smart SNMP, enabling remote monitoring and management through USB or RS232 connectivity. Its power shedding feature intelligently prioritizes critical loads during battery backup, maximizing uptime for essential equipment.

In conclusion, the LightWave LW OUPS-10KVA Online UPS offers advanced features such as cold start, ECO mode, high efficiency, hot-swappable battery, convertible design, comprehensive monitoring, Smart SNMP compatibility, and power shedding capability, making it an ideal choice for reliable and efficient power backup solutions.



1 Year
Package Dimension
38 x 21 x 70 cm