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MikroTik BaseBox 6 - 6GHz Integrated Outdoor Wireless Network Device

MikroTik BaseBox 6 - 6GHz Integrated Outdoor Wireless Network Device

The BaseBox 6 is a robust outdoor wireless device for 6GHz networks, featuring two SMA connectors, a miniPCIe slot, and powerful performance. It's designed for use with licensed 6GHz equipment and offers versatile connectivity options.
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Product description

Introducing the BaseBox 6, the ultimate outdoor wireless device designed to elevate your connectivity in the 6GHz spectrum. This powerful solution builds upon the legacy of our renowned RB912 model, enhancing it with new capabilities and features. The BaseBox 6 is equipped with two SMA connectors for antennas and a cable hood, providing robust protection against moisture and the elements. For added versatility, it offers three additional antenna connector slots, making it possible to utilize the miniPCIe slot for an extra wireless interface. This opens the door to creating a dual-band device or incorporating a 3G/4G modem for seamless connectivity. Designed for use as a 6GHz Access Point (AP) with our 6GHz Customer Premises Equipment (CPEs), such as the DynaDish 6 and SXT 6, the BaseBox 6 unlocks the potential of this spectrum, offering blazing-fast wireless connections for your network. Please note that the BaseBox 6 is exclusively available for 5.9-6.4GHz license holders. To place your order, you'll need to provide proof of your license to your distributor. Additionally, it's essential to be aware that this product is not intended for use in unlicensed ISM bands and its use is subject to country regulations. With dimensions of 246 x 135 x 50 mm, the BaseBox 6 is compact and easy to install in various outdoor settings. It consumes a maximum of 23W of power with attachments and 12W without, making it energy-efficient for long-term operation. Take your outdoor wireless connectivity to the next level with the MikroTik BaseBox 6. Whether you're extending your network's reach or creating robust outdoor connections, this device delivers reliability, performance, and the MikroTik quality you trust.



0.69 kgs
Data Throughput
Up to 150 Mbps
Package Dimension
25.6 cm x 14.5 cm x 6.0 cm