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MikroTik CCR1016-12G Router

MikroTik CCR1016-12G Router

Experience superior networking with the CCR1016-12G router, featuring a robust TILE architecture and a TLR4-01680 CPU with 16 cores at 1.2 GHz. With advanced cooling, IPsec hardware acceleration, and 12 Gigabit Ethernet ports, it's your go-to choice for seamless and efficient network management.
SKU: CCR1016-12G
Brand: MikroTik
Warranty: 1 Year
UPC/EAN: 4752224001924

Product description

Introducing the CCR1016-12G, a high-performance router designed to enhance your network capabilities. With advanced features and cutting-edge technology, this router is built for efficiency and reliability. Powered by the TILE architecture and featuring a TLR4-01680 CPU with 16 cores running at a nominal frequency of 1.2 GHz, the CCR1016-12G ensures seamless data handling and efficient network management, catering to both professional and home use.

With a level 6 RouterOS license, users can customize and optimize network settings. Boasting 2 GB of RAM and 512 MB of NAND storage, the router offers ample memory and storage capacity for smooth multitasking and quick access to essential data.

Designed for durability, the CCR1016-12G incorporates a passive cooling system with 2 fans, maintaining optimal operating temperatures. With an MTBF of approximately 200,000 hours at 25ยฐC and tested ambient temperatures ranging from -20ยฐC to 60ยฐC, the router delivers consistent and reliable performance.

Enhancing data security, the router features IPsec hardware acceleration, making it an ideal choice for businesses and organizations dealing with sensitive information. The inclusion of 12 Gigabit Ethernet ports ensures high-speed connectivity for seamless data transfer.

Providing flexibility in powering options, the CCR1016-12G includes two AC inputs supporting a range of 100-240V. With a maximum power consumption of 42W, the router maintains energy efficiency even under heavy network loads.

Peripherals include a serial console port (RJ45), a USB port with Power Reset functionality, and a Mode button for added control. Monitoring features encompass CPU temperature and PCB temperature monitors, along with a beeper for alerts.

Certified with CE, EAC, and ROHS, the router complies with international standards and holds an IP20 rating for protection against dust and solid objects.

In summary, the CCR1016-12G blends powerful performance, efficient cooling, and advanced features, making it a top-tier choice for networking enthusiasts and professionals seeking a reliable and high-performance router for diverse needs.



2.63 kgs
Number of Ports
Data Throughput
Up to 1 Gbps
Form Factor
Rack Mount
Package Dimension
49 x 28 x 7 cm
Port Speed
1 Gbps
Product Dimensions
48.7 X 27.6 X 6.6 cms
1 Year