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MikroTik RB750UPr2 (hEX PoE Lite) Router with PoE Support

MikroTik RB750UPr2 (hEX PoE Lite) Router with PoE Support

The hEX PoE lite is a compact 5-port router with PoE output, USB connectivity, and powerful performance. Perfect for SOHO environments, it simplifies networking and reduces cable clutter.
SKU: RB750UPr2
UPC/EAN: 4752224000385

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Product description

The hEX PoE lite is a compact and efficient solution designed to meet your networking needs. This small five-port ethernet router, enclosed in a durable plastic case, packs a punch with its capabilities. Equipped with a 650MHz CPU and 64MB of RAM, it's more than capable of handling your network demands. One of the standout features of the hEX PoE lite is its PoE (Power over Ethernet) functionality. Ports 2 through 5 can supply power to other PoE-compatible devices, eliminating the need for multiple power adapters and cluttered cables. Each port can provide up to 1A of current, and the Ethernet ports are shielded for added reliability. With its USB 2.0 port, you have the flexibility to connect external devices and expand your network's capabilities further. Whether you need to add storage or enhance your network with other peripherals, this router has you covered. Despite its power and versatility, the hEX PoE lite remains incredibly affordable and user-friendly. Its compact design and clean aesthetics make it a perfect fit for any Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) environment. Setup is a breeze, and it seamlessly integrates into your network infrastructure. You can trust the reliability of the hEX PoE lite, as it boasts an impressive Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of approximately 100,000 hours at 25°C. It can operate in a wide range of temperatures, from -40°C to 70°C, ensuring stability even in challenging environments. Upgrade your network with the hEX PoE lite and enjoy the convenience of PoE, the reliability of MikroTik RouterOS, and the peace of mind that comes with a trusted networking solution.



0.5 kgs
Data Throughput
Up to 300 Mbps
Package Dimension
12 cm x 9.9 cm x 3.8 cm