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RF Elements AH2030-TP Asymmetrical Horn TP Antenna

RF Elements AH2030-TP Asymmetrical Horn TP Antenna

RFE AH2030-TP Asymmetrical Horn TP Antenna by RF Elements excels in noise rejection, scalability. Unique shape, TwistPort connector for high-performance network coverage.
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Warranty: 1 Year
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Product description

The RFE AH2030-TP is an Asymmetrical Horn TP Antenna from RF elements that provides game-changing performance and market-leading system scalability. It features a unique beam shape and a TwistPort TM (TP) connector that provides excellent noise rejection, network scalability, and throughput increase.

The antenna has a unique asymmetrical beam shape, with an elliptical cross-section in bore sight that is wide in azimuth and narrow in elevation plane. This is useful for deployments where an asymmetrical beam shape delivers better coverage. The BeamSwitch TM feature enables mounting the antenna with 90 degrees rotation by swapping the position of the handle and the bracket, allowing the AH2030-TP to provide 20 degrees azimuth and 30 degrees elevation beam width.

The Asymmetrical Horn TP Antenna has naturally depressed side lobes, focusing energy into a single main beam. This absence of side lobes enables excellent noise immunity. The radiation pattern of the antenna is stable over the whole frequency range, and it has balanced Horizontal and Vertical beam patterns. The antenna also provides increased gain when compared to Symmetrical Horn TP Antennas with the same azimuth beam width.

In summary, the RFE AH2030-TP Asymmetrical Horn TP Antenna is a high-performance antenna that provides excellent coverage, noise rejection, and scalability for your network needs."



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Product Dimensions
33 X 23.5 X 47.5 cms
1 Year