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RF Elements AH60-TP Asymmetrical Horn TP Antenna

RF Elements AH60-TP Asymmetrical Horn TP Antenna

RFE AH60-TP Asymmetrical Horn TP Antenna by RF Elements offers exceptional performance with a unique shape, Twist Port connector, wide frequency range. Ideal for high-density areas, reliable, scalable coverage.
Warranty: 1 Year

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Product description

The RFE AH60-TP is an Asymmetrical Horn TP Antenna produced by RF elements. It provides game-changing performance, market-leading system scalability, and a unique beam shape.

The antenna has a wide beam in the azimuthal plane and a narrow beam in the elevation plane, which greatly improves coverage planning options. The AH60-TP features a TwistPortTM connector, a patent-pending twist-and-lock waveguide port that is virtually lossless, as there are no coaxial connectors or cables that attenuate the signal.

The AH60-TP has an all-new mechanical structure with a massive aluminum ring and mounting bracket, and its stainless steel hardware comes with a black coating that prevents hardware seizing.

It can be mounted on poles with diameters from 40-80 mm (1.5-3.1 inches), and it is recommended to mount it as close to 80 mm (3.1 inches) as possible.

In terms of performance, the AH60-TP covers an ultra-wide frequency range of 5.18 - 6 GHz with excellent VSWR performance. It has a gain of 17 dBi and an azimuth beam width of 45°/42° (H/V) at -3 dB and 60°/60° (H/V) at -6 dB.

Overall, the RFE AH60-TP Asymmetrical Horn TP Antenna is a high-performance antenna that provides excellent coverage and scalability options for high-density AP clusters, highly populated areas, and dense co-location sites.



6 kgs
Package Dimension
55 X 36.5 X 14.5 cms
Product Dimensions
55 X 36.5 X 14.5 cms
1 Year