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RF Elements HG3-CC-S30 Symmetrical Horn CC Antenna

RF Elements HG3-CC-S30 Symmetrical Horn CC Antenna

RFE HG3-CC-S30 Symmetrical Horn Gen 2 Antenna by RF elements offers remarkable RF performance. Ideal for high-density setups, 5.18-6.4 GHz range, 18.4 dBi gain, durable, versatile, and reliable for wireless networking.
Warranty: 1 Year
UPC/EAN: 8588006459388
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Product description

The RFE HG3-CC-S30 is a Symmetrical Horn Carrier Class Gen 2 antenna from RF elements. This horn antenna offers unique RF performance in a compact package and is equipped with N-female connectors.

Scalar horn antennas have symmetrical main beams with identical beam widths in the vertical and horizontal planes. Exceptionally small side lobes ensure remarkable interference suppression.

HG3-CC Gen2 Antennas are ideal for coverage of areas with clients close to the installation site, where null zone issues exist. High-density AP clusters and radio co-location are made possible due to unique radiation patterns and compact size.

The RFE HG3-CC-S30 also has impressive performance specifications, such as a frequency range of 5.18 - 6.4 GHz, gain of 18.4 dBi, and dual linear H + V polarization. The antenna is made of UV-resistant polycarbonate, polypropylene, aluminum, zinc, and stainless steel, and has an environmental rating of IP55.

It can be mounted on poles with diameters ranging from 30-90 mm and has a mechanical tilt of ± 25°.

In summary, the RFE HG3-CC-S30 Symmetrical Horn CC antenna is a high-performance, compact, and versatile solution for wireless networking applications.



18 kgs
Package Dimension
28 X 23.5 X 41.5 cms
Product Dimensions
28 X 23.5 X 41.5 cms
1 Year