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RF Elements RC27-10PACK Radome Cover

RF Elements RC27-10PACK Radome Cover

Enhance your UltraDish TP 27 antenna with the RC27-10PACK Radome Cover from RF Elements. Crafted with premium materials, it provides durable protection against weather elements and reduces wind load, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Hassle-free installation and sleek design make it an essential accessory for outdoor deployments.
Warranty: 1 Year
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Product description

Introducing the RC27-10PACK Radome Cover by RF Elements, designed specifically for the UltraDish TP 27 antenna series. These high-gain directional parabolic antennas feature a lossless TwistPort connector, ensuring optimal performance in wireless communication setups. The Radome Cover serves as an essential accessory, providing additional protection against weather elements and reducing the wind load on the antenna, thereby enhancing its durability and longevity.

Crafted with premium materials, the Radome Cover exemplifies durability and resilience. Constructed from acrylic-coated ABS plastic, it offers robust protection against environmental factors such as rain, snow, and UV radiation. The mounting ring, made of stainless steel, adds further strength and stability to the cover, ensuring it remains securely attached to the antenna under various conditions.

Installation of the Radome Cover is hassle-free and convenient, requiring no specialized tools. Its user-friendly design allows for easy attachment to the UltraDish TP 27 antenna, enabling quick deployment without any technical complications. This ensures minimal downtime during setup and maintenance activities, optimizing operational efficiency for users.

By adding the Radome Cover to the UltraDish TP 27 antenna, users can significantly extend the antenna's lifespan and maintain consistent performance even in harsh outdoor environments. The cover acts as a barrier, shielding the antenna's sensitive components from moisture, dust, and other contaminants, thereby reducing the risk of corrosion and damage over time.

Furthermore, the Radome Cover contributes to the overall aesthetics of the antenna installation, providing a sleek and professional appearance. Its streamlined design seamlessly integrates with the UltraDish TP 27 antenna, enhancing the visual appeal of the setup while ensuring maximum functionality.

In summary, the RC27-10PACK Radome Cover by RF Elements is an essential accessory for users seeking to enhance the performance and durability of their UltraDish TP 27 antennas. With its premium construction, easy installation, and robust protection against weather elements, this cover offers peace of mind and reliability for outdoor wireless communication deployments.



15 kgs
Package Dimension
63 x 19 x 67 cm
1 Year