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Ruijie RG-EG310GH-E Managed Router

Ruijie RG-EG310GH-E Managed Router

The RG-EG310GH-E Reyee 10-Port High-Performance Cloud Managed PoE Office Router delivers seamless connectivity with a 1.5 Gbps throughput, catering to the robust networking needs of office environments. With powerful VPN capabilities, intelligent load balancing, and advanced traffic control features, this router offers secure and efficient networking for businesses.
Brand: Ruijie
Warranty: 1 Year

Dispatched in 2-3 working days

Product description

The RG-EG310GH-E Reyee 10-Port High-Performance Cloud Managed PoE Office Router is a powerhouse designed to meet the demanding networking needs of office environments. With a 1.5 Gbps throughput, robust VPN capabilities, and advanced features like intelligent load balancing and traffic visualization, this router ensures seamless connectivity and efficient network management.

This high-performance VPN router is tailor-made for office networks, delivering a throughput of 1.5 Gbps to support data-intensive applications. It serves as a robust VPN hub, catering to branches and remote employees with support for up to 300 VPN users. The router supports various tunneling protocols, including OpenVPN, IPSec, L2TP, and PPTP, ensuring secure communication and data transfer.

A standout feature is the multi-WAN capability with intelligent load balancing, offering redundancy links and policy-based routing (PBR) based on source IP addresses. This ensures efficient bandwidth utilization and prevents login failures for services like e-banking due to IP address changes.

The router facilitates efficient bandwidth management based on applications and users, allowing businesses to prioritize critical applications and control user access effectively. With traffic visualization and monitoring features, administrators gain enhanced visibility into network performance, aiding in optimization and issue resolution.

Featuring Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities (802.3af/at) on LAN ports 0-7, the router provides power to connected devices such as IP cameras and VoIP phones, reducing the need for additional power sources and streamlining network infrastructure.

Installation is user-friendly with a desktop form factor that offers flexibility in placement. The router consumes a maximum of 80 W power with PoE at full load, contributing to energy efficiency.

The RG-EG310GH-E is part of the Cloud Managed series, offering cloud-based management for easy monitoring and maintenance. The Reyee free DDNS service, Cloud portal authentication, and remote monitoring capabilities provide businesses with convenient tools for network management. Firmware upgrades, dynamic app library updates, and customized app libraries through the Ruijie Reyee APP contribute to a streamlined management experience.

In summary, the RG-EG310GH-E Reyee 10-Port High-Performance Cloud Managed PoE Office Router is a versatile and powerful networking solution designed for the demands of office environments. Its high-performance VPN capabilities, intelligent load balancing, and advanced traffic control features make it an ideal choice for businesses seeking a secure and efficient networking solution.



2.4 kgs
Data Throughput
1-2 Gbps
Form Factor
Package Dimension
56 x 47 x 37 cm
Port Speed
1 Gbps
1 Year