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Ruijie RG-EW300N Router

Ruijie RG-EW300N Router

The Ruijie RG-EW300N router is a versatile networking solution designed for small to medium-sized businesses. With its advanced features and reliable performance, it offers seamless connectivity and efficient management. Equipped with multiple Gigabit Ethernet ports and intuitive management interfaces, it meets the diverse needs of modern networking environment
Brand: Ruijie
Warranty: 1 Year

Product description

The Ruijie RG-EW300N router is an advanced networking solution designed to meet the evolving needs of small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and organizations. With its comprehensive features and robust performance, this router offers seamless connectivity and efficient management capabilities, making it an ideal choice for modern networking environments.

At its core, the RG-EW300N router integrates cutting-edge hardware components with high-speed processing capabilities to ensure rapid data processing and efficient routing. This processing power enables the router to handle a wide range of networking tasks and bandwidth-intensive applications with ease, catering to the demands of diverse network environments while maintaining optimal performance.

Featuring multiple Gigabit Ethernet ports, the RG-EW300N router provides flexible connectivity options for connecting various network devices and peripherals. Whether it's computers, servers, switches, or access points, the router seamlessly integrates within existing network infrastructures, facilitating smooth data transfer and communication across the organization.

Security is a top priority in the design of the RG-EW300N router. With robust firewall capabilities, IPsec encryption, and comprehensive access control features, the router ensures the protection of network traffic and defends against unauthorized access and cyber threats, preserving the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive data in today's increasingly connected world.

Furthermore, the RG-EW300N router offers intuitive management interfaces, empowering administrators to configure and monitor network settings effortlessly. Whether using the user-friendly web-based interface or the command-line interface, administrators can efficiently optimize performance, troubleshoot issues, and streamline network operations with ease, enhancing overall productivity and efficiency.

The RG-EW300N router also prioritizes scalability and flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of SMBs and organizations. With support for advanced networking protocols and seamless integration with emerging technologies, the router provides a future-proof networking solution that can grow with the organization, ensuring long-term investment protection and sustainability.

In summary, the Ruijie RG-EW300N router delivers reliable connectivity, robust performance, and comprehensive security features tailored to the demands of modern SMBs and organizations. With its advanced features, intuitive management interfaces, and scalability, the RG-EW300N router offers a versatile networking solution designed to enhance productivity, efficiency, and connectivity in today's dynamic business environments.



1 kgs
Data Rate
Up to 300 Mbps
Number of Ports
Number of Ports
Data Throughput
Up to 300 Mbps
Form Factor
Rack Mount
Package Dimension
22 x 16 x 6.7 cm
1 Year