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Ruijie RG-S2910-48GT4XS-E Managed Switch

Ruijie RG-S2910-48GT4XS-E Managed Switch

Empower your network infrastructure with the Ruijie RG-S2910-48GT4XS-E Managed Switch. Featuring 48 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 4 10G SFP+ ports, this switch delivers high-speed connectivity for demanding environments. With advanced management features and robust security protocols, it ensures efficient data transmission and network optimization, making it ideal for businesses and enterprises.
SKU: RG-S2910-48GT4XS-E
Brand: Ruijie
Warranty: 1 Year

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Product description

Elevate Your Network with Ruijie RG-S2910-48GT4XS-E Managed Switch: The Ruijie RG-S2910-48GT4XS-E Managed Switch stands as a cornerstone of advanced networking solutions, offering unparalleled performance and versatility for modern business environments. With its robust features and intuitive management capabilities, this switch empowers organizations to optimize their networks for efficiency, reliability, and security.

High-Performance Networking: Engineered to meet the demands of today's data-intensive applications, the RG-S2910-48GT4XS-E delivers high-performance networking with Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. With 48 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 4 10G SFP+ uplink ports, the switch provides ample bandwidth to support the growing needs of businesses, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted data transmission. Whether it's streaming high-definition multimedia content, transferring large files, or hosting virtualized applications, this switch delivers the speed and reliability required for optimal network performance.

Advanced Management Features: The RG-S2910-48GT4XS-E offers advanced management features to streamline network operations and enhance efficiency. With its user-friendly web interface and command-line interface (CLI), administrators can easily configure, monitor, and troubleshoot network settings with ease. The switch also supports SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) for centralized management and monitoring, allowing administrators to track network performance and identify potential issues in real-time.

Enhanced Security Protocols: Security is a top priority in any network environment, and the RG-S2910-48GT4XS-E is equipped with advanced security protocols to safeguard against potential threats. The switch supports features such as Access Control Lists (ACLs), VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) segmentation, and port security, allowing administrators to control access to sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, it supports IEEE 802.1X authentication, ensuring that only authorized users and devices can connect to the network.

Scalability and Flexibility: With its modular design and scalable architecture, the RG-S2910-48GT4XS-E offers flexibility to adapt to evolving business needs. The switch supports stacking capabilities, allowing multiple switches to be interconnected and managed as a single entity, thus simplifying network expansion and management. Moreover, it supports various network protocols and standards, including IPv4/IPv6, OSPF, and DHCP, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of network environments and devices.

In conclusion, the Ruijie RG-S2910-48GT4XS-E Managed Switch offers unmatched performance, advanced management features, and robust security protocols to meet the needs of modern business networks. Whether deployed in small to medium-sized enterprises or large corporate environments, this switch provides the scalability, reliability, and security required to optimize network performance and drive business success.



4 kgs
Number of Ports
Ports and Slots
48 10/100/1000 BASE-T ports
1 Year
Package Dimension
4.6 x 6.4 x 6.36 cm