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Ruijie RG-S6120-20XS4VS2QXS Managed Core Switch

Ruijie RG-S6120-20XS4VS2QXS Managed Core Switch

The Ruijie RG-S6120-20XS4VS2QXS Managed Core Switch is a high-performance networking solution designed for enterprise environments. With 20 ports and advanced management features, it offers reliable connectivity and seamless integration within complex network infrastructures. Ideal for organizations requiring robust performance and scalability in their core networks.
Brand: Ruijie
Warranty: 1 Year
UPC/EAN: 6971693277427

Arriving Soon - Expected Dispatch in 3 to 6 Weeks

Product description

The Ruijie RG-S6120-20XS4VS2QXS Managed Core Switch serves as the backbone of modern networking infrastructure. With 20 ports supporting 10 Gigabit Ethernet, including compatibility with 2.5G networks, it offers high-speed connectivity for data-intensive applications. This switch is designed to handle the demands of enterprise-level networks, providing seamless communication and data transfer between connected devices.

Versatile Port Configuration: Equipped with a combination of SFP+ and RJ45 ports, this switch offers versatility in network connectivity. The SFP+ ports support fiber optic connections for long-distance communication, while the RJ45 ports provide compatibility with standard Ethernet cables. This flexibility enables the integration of various devices and peripherals into the network architecture, catering to diverse connectivity requirements.

Advanced Management Capabilities: As a managed switch, the RG-S6120-20XS4VS2QXS offers advanced management features for network optimization and security. Administrators can configure VLANs, QoS settings, and access control policies to prioritize traffic and ensure optimal performance. Additionally, comprehensive monitoring tools provide real-time insights into network activity, allowing for proactive management and troubleshooting.

Scalability and Reliability: With support for link aggregation and spanning tree protocols, this switch enhances network reliability and resilience. Link aggregation allows multiple ports to be combined into a single high-bandwidth connection, increasing throughput and providing redundancy in case of link failures. Furthermore, the switch is designed to scale alongside growing network requirements, accommodating additional devices and expanding infrastructure seamlessly.

Enhanced Security Measures: The RG-S6120-20XS4VS2QXS incorporates robust security features to safeguard sensitive data and protect against unauthorized access. It supports IEEE 802.1X authentication, port security, and MAC address filtering, ensuring that only authorized devices can connect to the network. Advanced encryption protocols, such as AES, further enhance data confidentiality, making the switch ideal for deployments in security-conscious environments.

In summary, the Ruijie RG-S6120-20XS4VS2QXS Managed Core Switch offers high-performance networking capabilities, versatile connectivity options, advanced management features, scalability, reliability, and enhanced security measures. It serves as a dependable foundation for building robust and efficient network infrastructures in enterprise environments.



4 kgs
Number of Ports
Ports and Slots
20 x 10/100/1000Base-T ports
1 Year
Package Dimension
5.3 x 6.4 x 6.36 cm