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Slim CAT6-U/FTP Flat Design Patch Cords

Slim CAT6-U/FTP Flat Design Patch Cords

Experience versatility with Slim U/FTP Category 6 patch cords, featuring durable PVC coating and innovative boot design. Ideal for high-speed data applications in crowded server cabinets, telephone systems, VoIP setups, and industrial environments. Compact, flexible, and compatible with Power over Ethernet for convenient connectivity anywhere.
Brand: Slim
Warranty: 1 Year

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Product description

The Slim patch cords with U/FTP shielding are versatile Category 6 patch cords with unique features and applications. Here's a summary of their key characteristics and typical usage scenarios:

Key Features:

- Category 6 Patch cord: These patch cords meet the Category 6 standard, making them suitable for high-speed data applications, including gigabit Ethernet.

- Shielding: They use U/FTP shielding with four pairs of twisted wires, providing excellent protection against electromagnetic interference.

- Copper Wires: The patch cords use AWG36 100% copper wires, ensuring good conductivity.

- PVC Coating: The PVC coating provides durability and protection for the cords.

- Variety of Lengths: They are available in 14 different lengths, offering flexibility for cable management.

- Innovative Boot Design: Equipped with a new boot design that enhances handling and installation.

- Support for Power over Ethernet (PoE): They are compatible with Power over Ethernet (PoE IEEE802.3af), allowing them to carry both data and power to compatible devices.

Typical Usage Scenarios:

1. Overfilled Server or Network Cabinets/Cable Channels: These patch cords are ideal for use in crowded server or network cabinets or cable channels where space is limited.

2. Telephone Systems and Switches: They work well with telephone systems and switches with high port densities. Their compact design allows for easy patching between switches or from a switch to a panel without complex cable routing.

3. Connection of VoIP Telephones: Their flexibility and easy installation make them suitable for connecting VoIP telephones, especially in desk setups.

4. Industrial and Manufacturing Applications: In industrial and manufacturing settings where Ethernet connections are required but space is limited, these patch cords are a practical choice.

5. Technicians and Field Staff: Technicians and field staff can carry these slim patch cords in their notebook bags for quick and convenient connectivity in various on-site situations.

6. Private Use: In a home environment, these patch cords can be used to run cables discreetly under carpets or along edge strips for a neat and unobtrusive cable installation.

In summary, Slim patch cords with U/FTP shielding are versatile and high-performance patch cords designed to address a wide range of structured cabling challenges. They are suitable for various applications, particularly in scenarios where electromagnetic interference, space constraints, flexibility, and high-performance connectivity are important considerations.





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