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Slim CAT6A-U/FTP Flat Design Patch Cords

Slim CAT6A-U/FTP Flat Design Patch Cords

Category 6A Slim Patch cords excel in high-speed data transfer with Fluke-tested reliability. Featuring U/FTP shielding, AWG32 copper wires, and versatile lengths, they offer optimal performance for 10 Gigabit applications. Ideal for crowded server cabinets, high-density switches, workstations, industrial use, technicians, and residential setups, ensuring efficient connectivity.
Brand: Slim
Warranty: 1 Year

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Product description

The Category 6A Slim Patch cords are a remarkable addition to network technology. They come with several key features that make them an excellent choice for demanding 10 Gigabit data transfer applications. Let's explore their characteristics and typical areas of application:

Key Features:

- Category 6A Patch cord: These patch cords are specifically designed for Category 6A, making them ideal for 10 Gigabit data transfer. They are capable of handling high-speed data applications, ensuring reliable and high-bandwidth network connections.

- Fluke Patch cord Tester Tested: The patch cords have been tested with a Fluke Patch cord Tester to validate their performance and quality. This testing ensures that they meet the necessary standards and can provide consistent and reliable network connections.

- U/FTP - The U/FTP shielding provides protection for the four twisted pairs of wires, minimizing electromagnetic interference. This shielding enhances the reliability of the cable, especially in environments with potential sources of interference.

- Twisted Pairs: The twisted pairs of wires are essential for minimizing crosstalk and interference, ensuring signal integrity for high-speed data transfer.

- High-Quality Copper Wires (AWG32): These patch cords feature AWG32 100% copper wires, which offer excellent electrical conductivity and durability, ensuring the integrity of transmitted signals.

- PVC Coating: The PVC coating on these patch cords provides insulation and protection for the wires while maintaining flexibility. This ensures that they are easy to handle and install.

- Multiple Length Options: With nine different length options, these patch cords provide flexibility to meet various cabling requirements, whether in a data center, office, or other environments.

- Innovative Boot Design: The innovative boot design is characterized by a simple latch press and a narrow and short profile. This design enhances durability and ease of use, contributing to the longevity of the cables.

10 Gigabit Data Transfer: These patch cords are optimized for 10 Gigabit data transfer, making them a superior choice for high-speed network applications.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) Support: The patch cords can transfer Power over Ethernet on IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at standards, allowing them to power compatible devices over the same cable used for data transmission.

Typical Application Areas:

1. Overcrowded Server Cabinets and Cable Channels: The slim and flexible design of these patch cords is perfect for environments with overcrowded server cabinets and cable channels. They can help reduce cable clutter and optimize cable management in data centers and network cabinets.

2. High Port Density Switches: These patch cords are suitable for switches with high port densities. Their slim profile allows for easy patching from switch to switch or switch to panel without the need for extensive cable management panels.

3. Terminal Devices at Workstations: Category 6A Patch cords are ideal for connecting terminal devices at workstations, including VoIP phones, printers, PCs, notebooks, and other peripherals. Their flexibility and slim design make them easy to lay on a desk, contributing to a neat and organized workspace.

4. Industrial Applications: These patch cords are valuable in industrial settings where Ethernet connectivity is required, but space is limited. They can facilitate reliable networking in constrained spaces often found in industrial environments.

5. Technicians and Field Staff: Category 6A Patch cords are practical for technicians and field staff who need portable patch cables for on-the-go networking. Their durability and performance make them suitable for a wide range of field scenarios.

6. Residential Use: In residential settings, these patch cords can be used to lay a patch cable under carpets, along chair rails, or even through window seals, maintaining a clean and organized appearance in home networking setups and ensuring efficient connectivity.

In summary, Category 6A Patch cords are designed to meet the demands of high-speed network applications, offering flexibility, durability, and compatibility with Power over Ethernet. They are suitable for a variety of applications, from data centers and offices to industrial environments and residential setups, where efficient network connections are essential.




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