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Team Group Elite DDR4 8GB RAM Desktop Memory (TED48G3200C2201)

Team Group Elite DDR4 8GB RAM Desktop Memory (TED48G3200C2201)

Team Group's Elite DDR4 8GB RAM Desktop Memory (TED48G3200C2201) accelerates your desktop's performance. With a speed of 3200MHz, it facilitates seamless multitasking and rapid data processing. Renowned for reliability and compatibility, it's the perfect choice to upgrade your system's memory, enhancing overall efficiency and speed.
SKU: TED48G3200C2201
Warranty: 1 Year
UPC/EAN: 0765441647787
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Product description

Introducing the Team Group Elite DDR4 8GB RAM Desktop Memory (TED48G3200C2201) – your gateway to enhanced computing performance and efficiency. Designed meticulously to meet the demands of modern desktop computing, this memory module is a game-changer in optimizing your system's capabilities.

With 8GB of DDR4 memory, the TED48G3200C2201 module offers ample capacity to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, whether you're gaming, streaming, editing, or simply multitasking between various applications. Say goodbye to sluggish performance and hello to seamless operations as this memory module boosts your desktop's speed and responsiveness to new heights.

The Team Group Elite DDR4 8GB RAM Desktop Memory is engineered with precision and attention to detail. It utilizes cutting-edge DDR4 technology, ensuring not only faster data transfer speeds but also improved energy efficiency compared to its predecessors. This means you can enjoy enhanced performance without compromising on power consumption, resulting in a more sustainable and eco-friendly computing experience.

Furthermore, the TED48G3200C2201 module features a high-quality construction with premium components, guaranteeing reliability and stability under heavy workloads. Whether you're engaged in intensive gaming sessions, running resource-demanding software, or handling large datasets, rest assured that this memory module can keep up with your needs, delivering consistent performance without any hiccups.

Installation is a breeze with the Team Group Elite DDR4 8GB RAM Desktop Memory. Compatible with most desktop systems, simply plug the module into the appropriate DIMM slot, and you're ready to go. No complicated setup or configuration required – it's a hassle-free upgrade that instantly revitalizes your desktop's performance.

But performance is just one aspect of the equation. Team Group understands the importance of aesthetics in today's gaming and PC enthusiast community. That's why the Elite DDR4 8GB RAM Desktop Memory features a sleek and stylish design with a low-profile heat spreader. Not only does it complement the look of your system, but it also helps dissipate heat effectively, ensuring optimal thermal performance even under intense use.

In conclusion, the Team Group Elite DDR4 8GB RAM Desktop Memory (TED48G3200C2201) is more than just a memory upgrade – it's a catalyst for unlocking the full potential of your desktop PC. Experience smoother multitasking, faster data access, and improved overall performance with this reliable and high-performance memory module. Upgrade your desktop today and take your computing experience to the next level.



1.04 kgs
1 Year
Package Dimension
15.4 x 2.38 x 5.2 cm
RAM Capacity
8 GB