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TP-Link TL-SF1024M 24 Port Unmanaged Switch

TP-Link TL-SF1024M 24 Port Unmanaged Switch

TP-Link TL-SF1024M 24-Port Fast Ethernet Unmanaged Switch: A reliable networking solution for small and medium businesses. Featuring 24 Auto-Negotiation RJ45 ports, Green Ethernet technology for energy savings, and plug-and-play functionality for easy setup. Perfect for connecting multiple devices without the need for complex configuration.
Brand: TP-Link
Warranty: 1 Year

Product description

TP-Link TL-SF1024M 24-Port Fast Ethernet Unmanaged Switch, a versatile and efficient networking solution for your small or medium-sized business. With its robust feature set and user-friendly design, this switch offers seamless connectivity and reliable performance for all your network devices. The TL-SF1024M is equipped with 24 10/100Mbps Auto-Negotiation RJ45 ports, allowing you to connect a wide range of devices such as computers, printers, IP cameras, and more. Whether you need to expand your office network or upgrade your existing setup, this switch offers plenty of ports to accommodate your growing needs. The Auto MDI/MDIX feature eliminates the hassle of manual port configuration or the need for crossover cables, making the installation process quick and effortless. One of the standout features of the TL-SF1024M is its Green Ethernet technology. By intelligently adjusting power consumption based on the length of the connected Ethernet cables, this switch helps save energy and reduce your carbon footprint. With power savings of up to 67%, you can enjoy a more eco-friendly network solution while cutting down on electricity costs. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses that value sustainability and want to minimize their environmental impact. To ensure smooth and uninterrupted data transfer, the TL-SF1024M incorporates IEEE 802.3x flow control. This feature enables the switch to manage network traffic effectively, preventing data loss and maintaining a reliable connection even during periods of congestion. Whether you're transferring large files or streaming multimedia content, you can count on this switch to deliver consistent performance and minimize latency. The TL-SF1024M comes in a sturdy yet lightweight plastic case, which provides durability while keeping the switch portable. Its compact design allows for easy placement on your desktop, saving valuable space. Alternatively, you can choose to mount it on the wall, offering greater flexibility in organizing your network setup. The switch's versatile design makes it suitable for various environments, whether it's a small office, a retail store, or a home network. Setting up the TL-SF1024M is a breeze, thanks to its plug-and-play functionality. With no configuration required, you can simply connect your devices to the switch, and it will automatically detect and adjust the settings accordingly. This makes it an ideal choice for users with limited technical knowledge or those who prefer a hassle-free networking solution.



0.88 kgs
Number of Ports
Ports and Slots
24 10/100Mbps Auto-Negotiation RJ45 ports, Supports Auto MDI / MDIX
1 Year
Package Dimension
30.5 X 7.5 X 23.2 cms