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Ubiquiti airMAX Giga Beam Bridge (GBE)

Ubiquiti airMAX Giga Beam Bridge (GBE)

The Ubiquiti GBE airMAX Giga Beam Bridge is a high-performance wireless bridge system engineered for long-range connectivity. Operating in the 60GHz band, it delivers fast and reliable gigabit throughput over extended distances. With its compact design and advanced features, it's ideal for high-capacity point-to-point deployments, ensuring seamless connectivity in demanding environments.
Brand: Ubiquiti
Warranty: 1 Year
UPC/EAN: 8834360279460

Product description

The Ubiquiti GBE airMAX Giga Beam Bridge represents a paradigm shift in point-to-point wireless connectivity, delivering gigabit-level performance and efficiency for demanding outdoor applications. Tailored for scenarios requiring high-throughput, low-latency connections, this bridge is a game-changer, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with practical design to create a reliable and high-performance wireless link.

Gigabit Throughput for Bandwidth-Intensive Applications: At the core of the Giga Beam Bridge is its ability to deliver gigabit-level throughput, addressing the growing demand for high-bandwidth applications. Whether used for video streaming, data transfer, or other bandwidth-intensive tasks, the bridge ensures that businesses and service providers can meet the needs of modern connectivity requirements with ease. Its gigabit throughput capability paves the way for the seamless integration of high-performance applications without compromise.

Revolutionary 60 GHz Technology for Low Interference: One of the standout features of the Giga Beam Bridge is its use of revolutionary 60 GHz technology. Operating in the millimeter-wave spectrum, this technology minimizes interference from traditional Wi-Fi devices, providing a clear and reliable wireless channel. This makes the bridge ideal for densely populated urban environments or areas with a high concentration of wireless networks, ensuring a stable and interference-free connection.

Compact Form Factor for Discreet Installations: Designed with practicality in mind, the GigaBeam Bridge boasts a compact form factor that facilitates discreet and unobtrusive installations. Its sleek and unassuming design allows it to seamlessly blend into various outdoor environments without drawing unnecessary attention. This is particularly advantageous for deployments in public spaces or aesthetically sensitive locations where minimizing visual impact is crucial.

Easy Deployment and Alignment for Quick Setup: Ubiquiti prioritizes user-friendly deployment with the Giga Beam Bridge, streamlining the setup process. The bridge incorporates features that simplify alignment, ensuring a quick and efficient installation. This ease of deployment contributes to reduced downtime and operational efficiency, allowing network administrators to establish robust point-to-point connections with minimal effort.

Ubiquiti airMAX Technology for Enhanced Performance: The Giga Beam Bridge operates on Ubiquiti's airMAX technology, known for its advanced features and optimization for outdoor wireless environments. Leveraging airMAX technology, the bridge offers superior noise immunity, scalability, and increased throughput efficiency, enhancing overall performance and reliability in challenging outdoor conditions.



0.9 kgs
Data Throughput
Up to 1 Gbps
Package Dimension
24 x 18 x 9 cm
1 Year