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Ubiquiti AMO-2G10 Dual Omni Directional Antenna

Ubiquiti AMO-2G10 Dual Omni Directional Antenna

The Ubiquiti AMO-2G10 is a high-performance dual omni-directional antenna designed for the 2.4GHz frequency band. With a 10dBi gain, it provides enhanced signal coverage for AirMax networks, making it ideal for point-to-multipoint deployments. Its dual-polarity design ensures reliable communication and versatility in various wireless applications.
Brand: Ubiquiti
Warranty: 1 Year
UPC/EAN: 810354020957

Product description

The Ubiquiti AMO-2G10 Dual Omni Directional Antenna is a powerful and versatile solution designed to enhance wireless communication in various applications. This dual omni-directional antenna is particularly well-suited for point-to-multipoint deployments, providing reliable connectivity over a wide coverage area. Whether used in outdoor wireless networks, surveillance systems, or other demanding scenarios, this antenna offers robust performance and flexibility.

Dual Omni-Directional Design: Featuring a dual omni-directional design, the AMO-2G10 antenna provides 360-degree coverage in both the horizontal and vertical planes. This ensures that the antenna can establish connections with multiple devices simultaneously, making it ideal for scenarios where signal distribution needs to be uniform across all directions. The dual omni setup enhances the antenna's ability to receive and transmit signals effectively, reducing dead zones and improving overall network performance.

Frequency Range and Gain: Operating in the 2.4 GHz frequency range, the AMO-2G10 antenna is optimized for compatibility with various wireless communication standards. With a high gain of 10 dBi, the antenna amplifies signals, extending the reach of wireless networks and enhancing the overall signal quality. This makes it suitable for long-distance connections, providing a reliable link between access points and client devices.

Durable Construction for Outdoor Environments: Built to withstand challenging outdoor conditions, the AMO-2G10 antenna features a rugged construction. The weather-resistant materials ensure longevity and reliability in diverse environmental conditions, including exposure to rain, wind, and sunlight. This durability makes it an excellent choice for outdoor installations where the antenna needs to endure harsh weather conditions and maintain consistent performance.

Easy Installation and Compatibility: The antenna is designed for easy installation, and it is compatible with various Ubiquiti wireless devices, making it a seamless addition to existing networks. The included mounting kit facilitates straightforward setup, allowing users to position the antenna optimally for their specific deployment requirements. The compatibility with Ubiquiti devices ensures a hassle-free integration process, making it a reliable choice for expanding or upgrading wireless networks.



3.45 kgs
Package Dimension
109 x 16 x 16 cm
1 Year