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Ubiquiti NBE-M5-16 airMAX NanoBeam M5 16 dBi Bridge

Ubiquiti NBE-M5-16 airMAX NanoBeam M5 16 dBi Bridge

The Ubiquiti NBE-M5-16 airMAX NanoBeam M5 16 dBi Bridge is a powerful wireless bridge solution for point-to-point applications. With its integrated antenna and advanced technology, it delivers reliable connectivity over long distances. Perfect for outdoor deployments, it ensures stable and high-speed data transmission in diverse environments.
SKU: NBE-M5-16
Brand: Ubiquiti
Warranty: 1 Year
UPC/EAN: 810354022449

Product description

The Ubiquiti NBE-M5-16 airMAX NanoBeam M5 16 dBi Bridge is a high-performance wireless bridge designed for point-to-point communication in outdoor environments. Developed by Ubiquiti, a renowned provider of networking solutions, this bridge offers reliable connectivity and long-range coverage, making it suitable for applications such as building-to-building links, remote monitoring, and data backhaul. With its compact design and advanced features, the NanoBeam M5 provides cost-effective and efficient wireless connectivity solutions.

High-Gain Antenna: The NanoBeam M5 features a high-gain directional antenna with a 16 dBi gain, allowing for long-range communication over distances of several kilometers. This high-gain antenna enhances signal strength and improves link quality, ensuring reliable connectivity even in challenging outdoor environments. 

Dual-Polarity Performance: Equipped with dual-polarity functionality, the NanoBeam M5 delivers improved performance and reliability by minimizing interference and maximizing signal integrity. The dual-polarity antenna design allows for simultaneous transmission and reception of data on both horizontal and vertical polarizations, resulting in better signal reception and reduced susceptibility to signal degradation caused by environmental factors such as multipath interference and signal reflections.

Advanced airMAX Technology: The NanoBeam M5 utilizes Ubiquiti's airMAX technology to optimize wireless performance and network efficiency. With airMAX TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) protocol, the NanoBeam M5 dynamically allocates bandwidth to connected devices, ensuring efficient use of available spectrum and minimizing latency. This advanced technology enables seamless transmission of high-bandwidth data, video streams, and voice communication over long distances.

Easy Installation and Deployment: Designed for easy installation and deployment, the NanoBeam M5 features a compact and lightweight design that simplifies mounting and alignment. Its integrated mounting hardware and pole mount kit allow for quick and hassle-free installation on poles, walls, or towers. Additionally, the NanoBeam M5 can be easily configured using Ubiquiti's intuitive management software, making it suitable for both experienced network administrators and novice users.

Weatherproof Construction: Constructed with durable and weatherproof materials, the NanoBeam M5 is built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures, humidity, and UV radiation. Its rugged design ensures reliable operation in outdoor environments, providing long-lasting performance and durability. Whether deployed in urban or rural settings, the NanoBeam M5 offers dependable wireless connectivity for various outdoor applications.



1 kgs
Data Throughput
Up to 100 Mbps
Package Dimension
22 x 22 x 13.4 cm
1 Year