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Ubiquiti Rocket M2 Access Point

Ubiquiti Rocket M2 Access Point

The Ubiquiti Rocket M2 is a compact wireless access point with powerful performance, ideal for demanding network setups.
SKU: RocketM2
Brand: Ubiquiti
UPC/EAN: 0810354022753
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Product description

The Ubiquiti Rocket M2 is a versatile and compact wireless access point designed for high-performance networking. With its robust features and reliability, it's a perfect choice for creating efficient wireless networks in various settings.

The Rocket M2 is designed for ease of installation and deployment. Its UV-stabilized plastic enclosure ensures durability and longevity in outdoor environments.

Equipped with a 10/100 MbE RJ45 port and supporting Passive PoE (pairs 4, 5+; 7, 8 return), the Rocket M2 offers versatile connectivity options. It includes a 24V, 0.5A PoE adapter for efficient power supply. With a maximum power consumption of 6.5W, it's energy-efficient and cost-effective.

The Rocket M2 operates in the 2.4 GHz frequency range (2402 - 2462 MHz), making it suitable for a wide range of wireless applications. It also features two RP-SMA waterproof connectors for robust connections in outdoor conditions.

Certified with CE, FCC, and IC, the Rocket M2 complies with industry standards for performance and safety. It undergoes rigorous shock and vibration testing (ETSI300-019-1.4) to ensure reliability even in challenging environments.

Operating in temperatures ranging from -30 to 75°C (-22 to 167°F) and with operating humidity levels of 5 to 95% noncondensing, the Rocket M2 is designed to withstand various weather conditions.

The Ubiquiti Rocket M2 is an excellent choice for demanding wireless network setups, including point-to-point connections, access points, and more. It offers reliable performance, easy installation, and versatile connectivity options.




0.6 kgs
Data Throughput
Up to 150 Mbps
Package Dimension
17.0 cm x 9.0 cm x 4.0