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Ubiquiti U-POE-af PoE Injector

Ubiquiti U-POE-af PoE Injector

Ubiquiti U-POE-af PoE Injector efficiently powers network devices with seamless reliability. It is compact design and straightforward installation cater to various networking needs. Benefit from consistent connectivity and enhanced performance for smoother network operations, making it ideal for diverse environments.
Brand: Ubiquiti
Warranty: 1 Year
UPC/EAN: 817882024976

Product description

Efficient Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Provisioning: The Ubiquiti U-POE-af PoE Injector revolutionizes network power distribution, offering a seamless solution for powering compatible devices via Ethernet cables. With its innovative design, this PoE injector efficiently delivers power to devices such as access points, IP cameras, and VoIP phones, eliminating the need for separate power sources and reducing cable clutter in your network infrastructure.

Streamlined Installation and Setup: Installing the U-POE-af PoE Injector is a breeze, thanks to its straightforward setup process and plug-and-play functionality. Simply connect the injector to your network switch or router and attach the Ethernet cable from the injector to the device you wish to power. With its compact form factor, the injector can be discreetly mounted or placed alongside other networking equipment, optimizing space utilization in your network setup.

Reliable Power Delivery and Performance: Equipped with advanced PoE technology, the U-POE-af Injector ensures reliable power delivery to connected devices, even in demanding network environments. It supports the IEEE 802.3af standard, providing up to 15.4 watts of power per port, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of PoE-enabled devices. Whether you're deploying IP surveillance cameras for enhanced security or expanding your wireless network with additional access points, this injector delivers consistent power for uninterrupted operation.

Versatile Compatibility and Integration: The U-POE-af PoE Injector seamlessly integrates into existing network infrastructures, offering versatile compatibility with Ubiquiti and third-party networking devices. It works effortlessly with Ubiquiti UniFi access points, airMAX radios, and other compatible devices, providing a unified power solution for your entire network ecosystem. With its auto-sensing capability, the injector automatically detects PoE-enabled devices, simplifying deployment and ensuring hassle-free operation.

Scalable Power Distribution for Growing Networks: Designed to accommodate the evolving needs of modern networks, the U-POE-af PoE Injector offers scalable power distribution capabilities, allowing you to expand your network infrastructure with ease. Whether you're deploying new devices or expanding existing network coverage, this injector provides the flexibility and scalability needed to support your network growth. With its reliable performance and robust construction, the U-POE-af PoE Injector is the ideal solution for powering your network devices efficiently and effectively.



0.19 kgs
1 Year
Package Dimension
23 x 12 x 5 cm