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Ubiquiti UACC-OM-MM-10G-D-20 SFP Transceiver

Ubiquiti UACC-OM-MM-10G-D-20 SFP Transceiver

The Ubiquiti Compatible 10 Gbps SFP Transceiver (UACC-OM-MM-10G-D-20) is a high-performance solution for seamless data transmission. Operating at 850nm with Multi-Mode fibers, it provides reliable 10 Gbps connectivity over a distance of 20 meters, making it ideal for short-range networking applications in various environments.
Brand: Ubiquiti
Warranty: 1 Year
UPC/EAN: 810010076915

Product description

The Ubiquiti UACC-OM-MM-10G-D-20 SFP Transceiver is an advanced networking component designed to facilitate high-speed data transmission over multimode fiber optic cables. Developed by Ubiquiti, a leading provider of networking solutions, this SFP transceiver offers seamless integration, reliability, and optimal performance. It is engineered to meet the demands of various networking applications, including enterprise networks, data centers, and telecommunications infrastructure, ensuring stable connectivity and superior network performance.

Multimode Fiber Optic Technology: The UACC-OM-MM-10G-D-20 SFP transceiver is optimized for use with multimode fiber optic cables, allowing for efficient data transmission over short to medium distances. With its wide core size, multimode fiber is ideal for high-speed communication within data centers, office buildings, and campus networks. The transceiver supports 10 Gigabit Ethernet speeds, facilitating rapid data transfer and low-latency communication, making it suitable for connecting network switches, routers, and other networking equipment in various network deployments.

Dual Fiber Design: Featuring a dual-fiber design, the UACC-OM-MM-10G-D-20 SFP transceiver enables bidirectional data transmission over separate transmit and receive fibers. This design optimizes network efficiency and ensures reliable communication between network devices. With its duplex LC connector, the transceiver provides a secure and stable connection, minimizing signal loss and maximizing network reliability.

Seamless Integration and Compatibility: The UACC-OM-MM-10G-D-20 SFP transceiver is designed for seamless integration with Ubiquiti networking equipment and is compatible with devices from other manufacturers. It adheres to industry standards, ensuring compatibility with various networking protocols and technologies. This compatibility enables flexible network deployment and expansion, allowing businesses to easily scale their infrastructure to meet growing demands without the need for significant infrastructure changes.

Reliable Performance: Built with quality and reliability in mind, the UACC-OM-MM-10G-D-20 SFP transceiver undergoes rigorous testing and quality assurance processes to ensure consistent performance and durability. It is engineered to operate efficiently in demanding environments, offering stable connectivity and minimal downtime. Whether deployed in commercial settings, industrial facilities, or campus networks, this transceiver delivers dependable performance, contributing to the overall reliability and resilience of the network infrastructure.



0.57 kgs
Data Rate
Up to 10 Gbps
Package Dimension
21 x 17 x 5 cm
1 Year