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Ubiquiti UF-SM-10G S

Ubiquiti UF-SM-10G S

Elevate your network with Ubiquiti's UF-SM-10G-S SFP Single-Mode Fiber 1.25 Gbps Module. BiDirectional features maximize infrastructure reuse. Pair with UFiber modules and single-mode LC FiberCable for seamless installations and upgrades, offering reliability and flexibility for optimal data transmission in any environment.
Brand: Ubiquiti

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Product description

Upgrade your network with Ubiquiti Networks' UF-SM-10G-S SFP Single-Mode Fiber 1.25 Gbps SFP Module, ensuring seamless data transmission. This package includes a pair of modules, perfect for both new installations and upgrades to existing infrastructure.

The UF-SM-10G-S stands out with its BiDirectional features, allowing you to maximize the utility of your current infrastructure by utilizing two different wavelengths. This innovative approach enhances flexibility and optimizes resource allocation, providing a cost-effective solution for expanding or improving your network.

Ubiquiti Networks offers a diverse range of UFiber modules and single-mode fiber cabling, empowering you to customize your network to meet specific requirements. The modules, including UF-SM-10G-S, are designed for reliability and high-performance, ensuring a smooth and efficient data transfer experience.

When it comes to outdoor fiber networks, Ubiquiti Networks recommends the use of single-mode LC FiberCable. This robust and versatile cable is ideal for constructing outdoor fiber networks, offering durability and reliability in various environmental conditions.

Whether you are setting up a new network or enhancing an existing one, Ubiquiti Networks provides the tools and technology you need for a seamless and reliable connection. The UF-SM-10G-S SFP Single-Mode Fiber 1.25 Gbps SFP Module, combined with the diverse UFiber module offerings and single-mode fiber cabling options, gives you the flexibility to tailor your network to your unique specifications. Trust Ubiquiti Networks for innovative solutions that elevate the performance and efficiency of your network infrastructure.



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