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Ubiquiti UFiber UF-SPLITTER-8 Splitter 8 Output Fiber Cable

Ubiquiti UFiber UF-SPLITTER-8 Splitter 8 Output Fiber Cable

The Ubiquiti UFiber Splitter 8 Output Fiber Cable (UF-SPLITTER-8) is a reliable solution for optical signal distribution in fiber-optic networks. Featuring eight output ports, it ensures efficient and simultaneous connectivity, optimizing signal transmission for diverse networking requirements. Its compact design enhances flexibility and ease of integration in various networking environments.
Brand: Ubiquiti
Warranty: 1 Year
UPC/EAN: 817882026819

Product description

The Ubiquiti UFiber UF-SPLITTER-8 Splitter 8 Output Fiber Cable is an essential component in fiber optic networks, designed to efficiently split optical signals into multiple output paths. Developed by Ubiquiti, a trusted provider of networking solutions, this splitter ensures reliable and high-performance signal distribution in various networking environments. It is engineered to meet the demands of enterprise networks, data centers, telecommunications infrastructure, and other applications requiring efficient fiber optic signal splitting.

High-Performance Signal Splitting

The UF-SPLITTER-8 excels at splitting optical signals into eight output paths, allowing for efficient distribution of data across multiple endpoints. This high-performance splitter guarantees consistent signal quality and minimal loss, facilitating reliable communication and data transmission within the network. With its robust design and advanced optical technology, it offers a dependable solution for splitting optical signals in demanding network environments.

Optimized for Fiber Optic Networks

Tailored specifically for fiber optic networks, the UF-SPLITTER-8 splitter is optimized to work seamlessly with Ubiquiti UFiber equipment and other compatible networking devices. It supports various networking protocols and technologies, ensuring compatibility and interoperability with a broad range of networking equipment. This makes it an ideal choice for upgrading existing fiber optic networks or deploying new network infrastructure.

Easy Integration and Deployment

The UFiber UF-SPLITTER-8 splitter is designed for easy integration and deployment in network environments. Its compact form factor and durable construction enable flexible installation options, whether in equipment racks, cabinets, or network enclosures. With plug-and-play functionality, the splitter simplifies the installation process and reduces deployment time. This user-friendly design ensures quick and hassle-free integration into existing network infrastructure.

Reliable Performance

Engineered for reliability and performance, the UF-SPLITTER-8 splitter undergoes rigorous testing and quality assurance processes to ensure consistent operation in demanding conditions. It is built to withstand environmental factors such as temperature variations, humidity, and vibration, delivering stable performance over time. With its dependable performance and robust construction, the splitter contributes to the overall reliability and efficiency of fiber optic networks, ensuring uninterrupted communication and data transmission.



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