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Ubiquiti UniFi Pro 48 Switch (USW-PRO-48)

Ubiquiti UniFi Pro 48 Switch (USW-PRO-48)

The Ubiquiti USW-PRO-48 is a high-performance 10G SFP 48-port switch designed for demanding network environments. With an extensive array of ports and 10G capabilities, it provides seamless connectivity and reliability, making it an ideal choice for businesses requiring robust and efficient networking solutions.
SKU: USW-Pro-48
Brand: Ubiquiti
Warranty: 1 Year
UPC/EAN: 810010070616
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Product description

The Ubiquiti USW-PRO-48 stands as a power-packed networking solution, designed for businesses and enterprises with demanding connectivity requirements. This 48-port switch, equipped with 10-gigabit SFP+ ports, exemplifies Ubiquiti's commitment to delivering high-performance and reliable networking infrastructure. From extensive connectivity to advanced management features, the USW-PRO-48 caters to the diverse needs of modern networks.

High-Speed Connectivity with 10G SFP+ Ports: At the heart of the USW-PRO-48's capabilities are its 48 10-gigabit SFP+ ports, providing high-speed connectivity for data-intensive applications and scenarios requiring swift data transfers. Whether connecting servers, storage devices, or other high-performance equipment, this switch ensures low-latency, high-throughput communication, making it an ideal choice for businesses where speed and efficiency are paramount.

Extensive Port Configuration for Scalable Networks: The switch's 48 ports offer extensive connectivity options, providing the flexibility to connect a myriad of devices and accommodate the growing demands of a scalable network. This broad port array allows businesses to expand their networks seamlessly, connecting a variety of devices such as computers, servers, and networked appliances. The USW-PRO-48 serves as a versatile solution for enterprises seeking a comprehensive and scalable networking infrastructure.

Advanced Layer 3 Features for Network Optimization: The USW-PRO-48 incorporates advanced Layer 3 features, empowering network administrators with granular control over routing and network optimization. With support for dynamic routing protocols and VLAN configurations, this switch enables the creation of efficient and segmented network architectures. These advanced features cater to the diverse needs of businesses with complex networking requirements, allowing for the implementation of robust and efficient network setups.

Rack-Mountable Design for Efficient Deployments: Designed for efficiency and convenience, the rack-mountable design of the USW-PRO-48 ensures centralized deployment in server rooms or data centers. This form factor optimizes space utilization, providing a streamlined and organized network setup. The rack-mountable design enhances accessibility, simplifies cable management, and contributes to an efficient deployment process, making it an ideal choice for environments where space efficiency is crucial.

User-Friendly Management Interface for Network Control: Ubiquiti places a strong emphasis on user-friendly interfaces and advanced management features, and the USW-PRO-48 is no exception. The switch incorporates an intuitive management interface that allows administrators to configure settings, monitor network performance, and implement security measures seamlessly. Whether managing VLANs, optimizing quality of service (QoS), or ensuring network security, the user-friendly interface simplifies complex tasks for efficient network control.



6.03 kgs
Number of Ports
Ports and Slots
48 x 100/1000/10000Base-T
Product Dimensions
48 x 32 x 8 cm
1 Year
Package Dimension
53 x 46 x 13 cm