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Ubiquiti UniFi UACC-OM-SM-10G-S-2: Single-Mode Optical Module

Ubiquiti UniFi UACC-OM-SM-10G-S-2: Single-Mode Optical Module

The UACC-OM-SM-10G-S: High-speed, single-mode fiber module with 10 Gbps, 10 km range, energy efficiency, and safety compliance. Ideal for data centers and long-distance connections.
Brand: Ubiquiti
Warranty: 1 Year
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Product description

Introducing the UACC-OM-SM-10G-S, a high-performance optical module designed to meet your networking needs with precision and reliability. This single-mode fiber-compatible module boasts impressive technical specifications that make it an ideal choice for various applications.

Supported Media & Connector Type: The UACC-OM-SM-10G-S is compatible with single-mode fiber and features an LC connector, ensuring a secure and efficient connection. Whether you're establishing long-distance connections or creating a robust network infrastructure, this module has you covered.

BiDi Technology: With BiDi (Bidirectional) technology, this module utilizes two different wavelengths for transmitting and receiving data. The blue latch operates at 1270 nm, while the red latch operates at 1330 nm. These wavelengths must be used in pairs to ensure seamless data transmission.

Impressive Data Rate: Capable of delivering a staggering data rate of 10 Gbps, this module ensures lightning-fast data transfer, making it suitable for high-bandwidth applications, data centers, and demanding network environments.

Efficient Power Consumption: With a maximum power consumption of just 1W, the UACC-OM-SM-10G-S is energy-efficient, contributing to reduced operating costs and a greener network infrastructure.

Long-Distance Connectivity: This module offers a remarkable cable distance of up to 10 km, making it perfect for connecting remote locations and bridging network gaps.

Operating Temperature & Pack Options: The module operates effectively in temperatures ranging from 0 to 70°C (32 to 158°F), ensuring reliability in various environmental conditions. It's available in convenient pack options, including a 2-pack and a 20-pack, providing flexibility to meet your specific network deployment needs.

The UACC-OM-SM-10G-S is a reliable and high-performance optical module that offers the bandwidth, efficiency, and versatility needed to enhance your network infrastructure. Whether you require long-distance connectivity or high-speed data transfer, this module is your trusted solution for a wide range of networking applications. Ensure seamless data transmission and network performance with the UACC-OM-SM-10G-S optical module.



0.07 kgs
Data Rate
Up to 25 Gbps
Package Dimension
13 x 8 x 3 cm
1 Year