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Ubiquiti UniFi UAP-AC-LR Access Point

Ubiquiti UniFi UAP-AC-LR Access Point

The Ubiquiti UAP-AC-LR Long-Range Wi-Fi Access Point delivers high-speed 802.11ac performance, expansive coverage, and accommodates 250+ devices. Streamlining setup, it operates on PoE, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient connectivity solution for your network needs.
Brand: Ubiquiti
UPC/EAN: 810354025457
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Product description

The Ubiquiti UAP-AC-LR is a long-range, dual-band Wi-Fi access point designed to elevate your network performance and expand coverage in larger spaces. With a powerful 802.11ac Wave 1 chipset, this access point delivers an impressive aggregate throughput rate of 1.2+ Gbps, ensuring seamless connectivity for all your devices.

Ideal for spaces up to 185 square meters (2,000 square feet), the UAP-AC-LR provides reliable connectivity for more than 250 connected devices simultaneously. Its advanced 3x3 MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) technology and dual-band support in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies guarantee high-speed data transfer and reduced interference.

Powered using Power over Ethernet (PoE), the UAP-AC-LR simplifies installation and eliminates the need for multiple power outlets. A PoE adapter is included with single unit purchases for added convenience.

The hardware is built to last, with a rugged design and weather-resistant features, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. Its management interface is Ethernet-based, ensuring efficient network management and configuration.

With the UniFi PoE switch or a 24V, 0.5A Gigabit PoE adapter (not included in 5-packs), you can ensure consistent and efficient power supply to the access point.

The UAP-AC-LR is compliant with various certifications, including CE, FCC, and IC, ensuring regulatory compliance and peace of mind.

For a robust and secure wireless network, it supports multiple security standards like WEP, WPA-PSK, and WPA-Enterprise, along with advanced QoS (Quality of Service) features.

Experience high-speed and long-range Wi-Fi coverage with the Ubiquiti UAP-AC-LR, a reliable solution for homes, offices, and businesses seeking exceptional network performance.



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31 x 22 x 22.5