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Ubiquiti WM-W Access Point

Ubiquiti WM-W Access Point

The Ubiquiti WM-W Access Point exemplifies wireless technology excellence, delivering high-speed connectivity in challenging environments. With powerful antennas and robust security features, it seamlessly integrates into networks, ensuring optimal performance. Its scalability and reliability make it a versatile solution for businesses requiring top-tier wireless networking.
Brand: Ubiquiti
Warranty: 1 Year
UPC/EAN: 810010079695

Product description

The Ubiquiti WM-W Access Point represents a pinnacle of wireless network technology, offering exceptional performance and versatility for various networking needs. This access point is designed to deliver high-speed wireless connectivity in challenging environments, ensuring seamless connectivity for businesses, educational institutions, and public venues. With its advanced features and robust build, the Ubiquiti WM-W Access Point stands as a reliable solution for modern networking requirements.

High-Speed Wireless Connectivity: Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the Ubiquiti WM-W Access Point delivers blazing-fast wireless connectivity, enabling users to access network resources with minimal latency. Whether it's streaming high-definition multimedia content, conducting video conferences, or transferring large files, this access point ensures a smooth and uninterrupted user experience. Its powerful antennas and optimized signal processing algorithms enhance signal strength and coverage, extending the reach of the network to every corner of the deployment area.

Seamless Integration and Management: The Ubiquiti WM-W Access Point seamlessly integrates into existing network infrastructures, offering compatibility with leading networking standards and protocols. Administrators can effortlessly manage and monitor the access point using the intuitive management interface, which provides comprehensive insights into network performance, client connectivity, and security status. With centralized management capabilities, IT teams can streamline configuration tasks, implement security policies, and troubleshoot issues efficiently, ensuring optimal network performance at all times.

Robust Security Features: Security is paramount in today's interconnected world, and the Ubiquiti WM-W Access Point prioritizes data protection and privacy. Utilizing advanced encryption protocols and authentication mechanisms, this access point safeguards sensitive information from unauthorized access and cyber threats. Administrators can implement granular access controls, segmenting the network into virtual zones and defining user permissions based on roles and responsibilities.

Additionally, built-in intrusion detection and prevention systems proactively identify and mitigate potential security breaches, ensuring a secure and reliable networking environment. Scalability and Reliability: Whether deployed in small offices or large-scale enterprises, the Ubiquiti WM-W Access Point offers scalability and reliability to meet evolving business requirements. Its modular design allows for easy expansion and upgrades, enabling organizations to adapt to changing network demands without costly infrastructure overhauls. With redundant power options and failover capabilities, this access point ensures continuous operation and minimal downtime, maximizing productivity and user satisfaction. Overall, the Ubiquiti WM-W Access Point is a versatile and dependable solution for organizations seeking high-performance wireless networking solutions.



Antenna Type
5.29 kgs
Wireless Communication Standard
Frequency Band Class
Dual Band
Package Dimension
11.85 x 9.05 x 4.79 cm
Power Source Included
1 Year