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MikroTik CCR2004-16G-2S+PC Router

MikroTik CCR2004-16G-2S+PC Router

Discover the MikroTik CCR2004-16G-2S+PC, a silent powerhouse router with 16 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 2 10G SFP+ cages. Boasting exceptional performance and cost-effective versatility, it's the ideal choice to elevate your network capabilities. Upgrade today for seamless connectivity and enhanced efficiency.
SKU: CCR2004-16G-2S+PC
Brand: MikroTik
Warranty: 1 Year
UPC/EAN: 4752224007810

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Product description

The CCR2004-16G-2S+PC by MikroTik is a remarkable addition to the CCR2004 series, offering a significant boost in performance and functionality while maintaining an affordable price point. With up to 300% faster speeds compared to its predecessor, the CCR1009 routers, this router operates in blissful silence, making it the ideal choice for various environments, from professional offices and studios to server rooms and home labs.

This silent powerhouse is powered by the Amazon Annapurna Labs Alpine v2 CPU, featuring four 64-bit ARMv8-A Cortex-A57 cores, each clocked at 1.2 GHz. The result is a router that can deliver three times the speed of previous-generation CCR models, all without the unwanted noise. This high-performance CPU ensures that the router can handle a wide range of tasks without slowing down.

Featuring 16 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 2 10G SFP+ cages, the CCR2004 offers ample connectivity options. The Gigabit Ethernet ports are grouped and connected to separate Marvell Amethyst family switch chips, with each chip boasting a 10 Gbps full-duplex line to the CPU. This design ensures that there are no bottlenecks, and all ports can operate at wire speed as long as the CPU can manage the load.

With 4GB of DDR4 RAM and 128MB of NAND storage, the CCR2004 is well-equipped to handle data-intensive operations and multitasking. It also provides IPsec hardware acceleration, further enhancing its security and performance capabilities.

This router is not only a powerful networking solution but also one of the most cost-effective options available, making it a perfect choice for small and medium-sized businesses. With its versatile ports, including Gigabit Ethernet for internal networks and SFP+ for uplink and downlink, it offers an all-in-one solution for various networking needs.

Upgrade your office network to the next level with the CCR2004-16G-2S+PC, enjoying enhanced performance and functionality without exceeding your budget. MikroTik continues to deliver reliable and high-performance networking solutions, and the CCR2004 is no exception.

Explore the possibilities of this remarkable router and elevate your network capabilities.




1.62 kgs
Number of Ports
Data Throughput
2-4 Gbps
Form Factor
Rack Mount
Package Dimension
39 x 21 x 5 cm
Port Speed
10 Gbps
1 Year