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MikroTik CCR2004-16G-2S+ Router

MikroTik CCR2004-16G-2S+ Router

Unleash top-tier networking performance with the CCR2004 series router. Featuring an Annapurna Labs Alpine v2 CPU for exceptional single-core power, 16 Gigabit Ethernet ports, and 2 10G SFP+ cages, it's ideal for robust operations. The classic white 1U rackmount design ensures a professional appearance, complemented by dual redundant power supplies for uninterrupted reliability.
SKU: CCR2004-16G-2S+
Brand: MikroTik
Warranty: 1 Year
UPC/EAN: 4752224007704

Product description

Introducing the CCR2004 series router, a game-changer in networking performance. This router outshines its predecessors with exceptional single-core processing, courtesy of the Annapurna Labs Alpine v2 CPU featuring 4x 64-bit ARMv8-A Cortex-A57 cores clocked at a robust 1.7 GHz. Specifically engineered for heavy-duty operations, it excels in tasks demanding per-connection processing, making it ideal for queue management and similar functions.

Designed for versatility, the CCR2004 boasts an impressive array of connectivity options. With 16 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 2 10G SFP+ cages, a full-size USB port, and an RJ-45 console port, it accommodates diverse networking needs. The 1U rackmount case in classic white exudes a professional appearance, while dual redundant power supplies and active cooling ensure reliable and uninterrupted operation.

Each group of 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports is intricately connected to a dedicated Marvell Amethyst family switch-chip, enhancing network efficiency. Dedicated 10 Gbps full-duplex lines seamlessly link each switch chip and SFP+ cage to the CPU, delivering optimal performance in data transfer and communication.

With 4 GB of DDR4 RAM and 128 MB of NAND storage, the CCR2004 strikes a balance between speed and storage capacity. This router is not just a powerhouse but a comprehensive solution for businesses and professionals seeking top-tier performance. Its extensive connectivity options make it adaptable to various networking scenarios, and the thoughtful design ensures a sleek and polished look suitable for any professional environment.

In summary, the CCR2004 series router is a pinnacle of networking technology, offering unparalleled single-core performance, versatile connectivity, and a sleek design. Whether you're managing heavy operations or seeking a reliable solution for your business network, the CCR2004 stands ready to deliver exceptional results. Elevate your networking experience with this cutting-edge router that combines power, efficiency, and professional aesthetics.



2.7 kgs
Number of Ports
Data Throughput
Up to 1 Gbps
Form Factor
Rack Mount
Package Dimension
47 x 29 x 6 cm
Port Speed
1 Gbps
Product Dimensions
47.3 X 29.3 X 5.8 cms
1 Year