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MikroTik CCR2216-1G-12XS-2XQ Router

MikroTik CCR2216-1G-12XS-2XQ Router

The CCR2216-1G-12XS-2XQ, a groundbreaking router, excels in high-performance applications. Powered by Marvell Prestera Aldrin2 switch-chip and L3 Hardware Offloading, it boasts four 25G CPU lines for accelerated processing. With versatile connectivity, 16 GB RAM, and hot-swappable components, it's an optimal solution for demanding networking environments.
SKU: CCR2216-1G-12XS-2XQ
Brand: MikroTik
Warranty: 1 Year
UPC/EAN: 4752224000026
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Product description

The CCR2216-1G-12XS-2XQ stands as a groundbreaking networking device engineered for high-performance applications, catering to a diverse range of needs from research institutions and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to file hosting environments. This device is meticulously crafted to seamlessly fit into a standard 1U rack-mount form-factor, underscoring its adaptability and space efficiency.

At the core of its enhanced performance lies the Marvell Prestera Aldrin2 switch-chip, a technological marvel that ensures optimized networking capabilities. The incorporation of L3 Hardware Offloading further bolsters its prowess, streamlining and accelerating data processing. Notably, this device boasts four 25G CPU connection lines, outshining the CCR1072 Tile CPU in scenarios where L3HW offloaded connections are employed, resulting in significantly faster processing.

In terms of connectivity, the CCR2216-1G-12XS-2XQ offers an impressive array of options, featuring two QSFP28 cages for 100 Gigabit connections, as well as 12 SFP28 cages for 25 Gigabit networking. Additionally, it includes a Gigabit Ethernet port, ensuring flexibility in network configurations to meet varying speed requirements.

Under the hood, this networking powerhouse is equipped with 16 GB of RAM, providing ample memory for handling complex tasks efficiently. The 128 MB NAND storage offers a robust foundation, while two M.2 SATA slots stand ready to accommodate additional storage needs, adding a layer of versatility to its capabilities.

Ensuring continuous and reliable operation, the CCR2216-1G-12XS-2XQ is designed with four hot-swappable fans and dual-redundant hot-swap power supplies. This configuration not only contributes to efficient cooling but also establishes a fail-safe mechanism, minimizing the risk of downtime. Impressively, the device maintains compatibility with previous CCR1072 hot-swap power supplies and SFP modules, facilitating seamless integration into existing setups.

In conclusion, the CCR2216-1G-12XS-2XQ emerges as an ideal solution for demanding networking environments that mandate high-speed and unwavering performance. Its innovative design, coupled with cutting-edge features, positions it as a versatile and reliable choice for organizations seeking to stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of networking technology.



6.3 kgs
Number of Ports
Data Throughput
Up to 1 Gbps
Form Factor
Rack Mount
Package Dimension
58 x 44 x 10 cm
Port Speed
1 Gbps
Product Dimensions
58.1 X 43.5 X 9.6 cms
1 Year