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Ruijie Mini-GBIC-GT SFP Module

Ruijie Mini-GBIC-GT SFP Module

Ruijie's MINI-GBIC-GT Transceiver Module redefines network connectivity with high-speed data transmission (1.25Gbps) and a 100-meter transmission range. Its hot-pluggable design ensures seamless installation, while versatile compatibility and adherence to industry standards make it an ideal choice for cost-effective and efficient interconnections in data center and campus networks.
Brand: Ruijie

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Product description

Ruijie introduces the MINI-GBIC-GT, a cutting-edge 1000BASE-T SFP Copper RJ45 100-m Transceiver Module designed to revolutionize data center and campus networks. As an industry-leading ICT infrastructure and industry solution provider, Ruijie offers a diverse range of high-density and low-power 1G optical modules that pave the way for cost-effective, efficient, and high-speed interconnections among switches, routers, servers, and network interface controllers (NICs).

High-Speed Data Transmission: This transceiver module boasts high-speed data transmission, supporting rates of up to 1.25Gbps. This capability ensures seamless and rapid data exchange, meeting the demands of modern networks for efficient communication.

Extended Transmission Distance: With a maximum transmission distance of up to 100 meters, the MINI-GBIC-GT provides flexibility in network design and deployment. It excels in scenarios where data needs to traverse significant distances without compromising on speed and reliability.

Hot-Pluggable Convenience: The hot-pluggable feature of this transceiver module facilitates easy installation and removal without disrupting the network. This user-friendly attribute ensures that network maintenance and upgrades can be executed seamlessly, contributing to operational efficiency.

Versatile Compatibility: The MINI-GBIC-GT is engineered for compatibility with various networking equipment, making it a versatile choice for different setups. Whether integrated into switches, routers, servers, or NICs, this transceiver module delivers consistent and reliable performance across diverse network configurations.

Industry Standards Compliance: Adhering to industry standards is a hallmark of Ruijie's commitment to quality. The MINI-GBIC-GT conforms to IEEE 802.3ab, SFP+ MSA, and RoHS standards, ensuring that it aligns with established benchmarks for networking equipment.

MINI-GBIC-GT Module: The MINI-GBIC-GT serves as an IEEE 1000base-X to 1000base-T media converter, supporting link lengths of up to 100 meters over Cat 5e/6/6a cables with an RJ45 connector. Adopting the SFP form factor, the module requires auto-negotiation configuration for optimal performance. Its compliance with IEEE 802.3ab, SFP+ MSA, and RoHS standards underscores its reliability and quality.

In summary, Ruijie's MINI-GBIC-GT Transceiver Module offers an exceptional solution for high-speed data transmission in data center and campus networks. With its impressive features, compatibility, and adherence to industry standards, it stands as a reliable choice for organizations seeking efficient and cost-effective networking solutions.



35 kgs
Data Rate
Up to 1 Gbps
Package Dimension
31.5 x 30.5 x 13.2 cm