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Ubiquiti Horn-5-45 Horn Antenna

Ubiquiti Horn-5-45 Horn Antenna

The Ubiquiti Horn-5-45 is a 5GHz Horn Antenna featuring a 45-degree beam width for precise and focused signal coverage. With advanced engineering, it optimizes wireless links by minimizing interference and maximizing signal strength. This antenna is an excellent choice for demanding point-to-point connections requiring reliability and high performance.
SKU: Horn-5-45
Brand: Ubiquiti
Warranty: 1 Year
UPC/EAN: 817882022712

Product description

The Ubiquiti Horn-5-45 is a high-performance horn antenna designed to deliver exceptional point-to-point communication in wireless networks. With a frequency range of 5.15 to 5.85 GHz, this antenna is well-suited for applications that require reliable and high-throughput connectivity. Its robust construction and advanced engineering make it an ideal choice for various outdoor deployments, ensuring stable connections over long distances.

Innovative Horn Design: One of the standout features of the Horn-5-45 is its innovative horn design. The horn-shaped antenna provides excellent directivity, minimizing signal interference and maximizing signal strength. This design also contributes to a more focused beamwidth, enhancing the antenna's ability to transmit and receive signals over extended distances with reduced signal degradation. Whether used in point-to-point links or as part of a wireless backhaul system, the horn design sets the Horn-5-45 apart in terms of performance and reliability.

Wide Frequency Range: Operating within the 5 GHz frequency band, the Horn-5-45 offers flexibility and compatibility with various wireless standards and protocols. This wide frequency range enables the antenna to adapt to different environments and network configurations. It is well-suited for applications such as wireless ISP deployments, backhaul links, and other scenarios where high-capacity, long-range connectivity is essential. Users can leverage this antenna to build robust and scalable wireless networks tailored to their specific needs.

Durable Outdoor Performance: Built to withstand challenging outdoor conditions, the Horn-5-45 is designed with durability in mind. The antenna's construction features weather-resistant materials that ensure reliable performance in rain, wind, and other adverse weather conditions. This robust build makes the Horn-5-45 suitable for deployment in diverse climates and environments, providing network operators with the confidence that their wireless infrastructure will maintain high levels of performance and connectivity.

Easy Installation and Integration: The Ubiquiti Horn-5-45 is engineered for easy installation and seamless integration into existing wireless networks. The antenna comes with mounting hardware and accessories, simplifying the setup process for installers. Additionally, its compatibility with Ubiquiti's wireless devices ensures a smooth integration experience, allowing users to leverage the antenna's capabilities without complicated configuration processes. This user-friendly approach makes the Horn-5-45 a practical choice for both experienced network professionals and those new to wireless deployments.



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1 Year