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Ubiquiti Horn-5-60 Horn Antenna

Ubiquiti Horn-5-60 Horn Antenna

The Ubiquiti Horn-5-60 is a 5GHz Isolation Horn Antenna with a 60-degree beam width, designed for superior signal isolation and reliability in wireless networks. Its innovative design minimizes interference and ensures precise signal directionality, making it ideal for point-to-point connections requiring high performance and efficiency.
SKU: Horn-5-60
Brand: Ubiquiti
Warranty: 1 Year
UPC/EAN: 817882020077

Product description

The Ubiquiti Horn-5-60 Horn Antenna is a cutting-edge wireless communication solution designed for high-performance point-to-point (PtP) links. This antenna belongs to the Horn Antenna series, renowned for its exceptional reliability and efficiency. The Horn-5-60 model specifically operates in the 5 GHz frequency band, making it well-suited for various applications, including backhaul connectivity, network bridging, and data transfer in challenging environments.

Precision Engineering: Crafted with precision engineering, the Horn-5-60 antenna is characterized by its horn-shaped design, which enhances the antenna's directivity and minimizes unwanted interference. The precise radiation patterns achieved through this design result in improved signal strength and reduced signal spillage, ensuring a more focused and efficient communication link. This makes it an ideal choice for deployments where a reliable and targeted signal is crucial.

High-Gain Performance: Featuring high-gain performance, the Horn-5-60 antenna delivers impressive signal strength and data throughput. With a carefully optimized gain pattern, this antenna is capable of achieving long-range connectivity without compromising on speed and reliability. This makes it particularly suitable for applications where extended reach is essential, such as connecting remote offices or establishing links across challenging terrains.

Weather-Resistant Construction: The Horn-5-60 is built with durability in mind, featuring weather-resistant materials that enable reliable performance in various environmental conditions. Its robust construction ensures resilience against harsh weather elements, making it a dependable choice for outdoor installations. Whether facing extreme temperatures, rain, or wind, the antenna maintains its performance, providing a stable and uninterrupted wireless connection.

Ease of Deployment: Designed for ease of deployment, the Ubiquiti Horn-5-60 Horn Antenna comes with practical mounting options and straightforward installation procedures. The user-friendly design allows network professionals to set up the antenna efficiently, saving time and effort. Additionally, compatibility with Ubiquiti's wireless communication devices further enhances the overall deployment experience, ensuring seamless integration into existing networks. With its combination of advanced features and user-friendly design, the Horn-5-60 stands out as a reliable and high-performance solution for demanding wireless communication needs.



1.16 kgs
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25 x 22 x 21 cm
1 Year