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Tips To Choose The Right Unifi Access Points

UniFi- a renowned name in the IT industry, is known for its fine functionality and design. With so many options available in the market, choosing a single one for your business can be a task. Each model is designed and engineered to meet the precise needs of the user. 

Each business environment has its own demands. One might want to make their networking simple, while others would prioritize performance over networking. Hence, choosing the right Ubiquiti access points becomes essential. For this, we connect with the best Ubiquiti dealers in Dubai

You can optimize performance along with the user’s needs with the right access point. Whether you are looking to enhance performance, design, networking, or aesthetics—Ubiquiti is the perfect answer for everything.  

But how do you choose the right one? Bizaar, the Ubiquiti distributor in Dubai can help! Let us take you through the best options in Unifi access points. 

Looking For A Wireless Experience?

Have you explored WiFi 6 technology yet? If you haven't already, welcome to UniFi 6! Ubiquiti recently launched their range of U6 Lite and U6 Long-Range which can support up to 300 concurrent devices. These access points from the Ubiquiti Distributor are also known to deliver smooth wireless experiences with OFDMA technology. 

OFDMA technology is known to transfer large columns of data across channels smoothly. This technology tactically handles multiple devices and improves upload and download speeds efficiently.

The U6 access points signal the future, but reliable classics like the UniFi HD and nanoHD continue to be popular among users. It is not just about their range and speed; it is also about their ability to reliably send a powerful signal to a multitude of devices! 

Equipped with integrated, directional antennas, these access points expand signal coverage and do so with minimal power consumption. All you have to do is properly mount the UniFi access points. It will further extend their coverage and ensure a fast and stable connection throughout. These also work in busy and high-traffic environments.

You have the freedom to add a personal touch to your access points (good news for those who like to add an aesthetic touch to their space). Customize your U6 access point by adjusting the colour of its LED ring. You can also give specific models a new look with various skins like wood, black fabric, or camouflage. This way, your network equipment not only performs well but also seamlessly blends into its surroundings.

Make sure to reach out to the best Ubiquiti dealers in Dubai. They can make you better understand the suitable option for your networking needs. 

Extend WiFi, Connect Faster

Mesh Access Points

Who wants bulkier equipment in their spaces? If you want to screen through the same, go for mesh access points. While all our access points can connect with others to boost signal range and eliminate dead zones in your office or home, mesh access points are specifically made for this purpose. 

But mesh points from the Ubiquiti Distributor aren’t for all; they are best suited for hotels, museums, and other areas with high foot traffic.

Here’s more to mesh points- they are not just compact but also easy to set up. You can mount them on a wall or ceiling, place them on a tabletop, or even attach them to an outdoor pole to enhance connection quality across your entire property.

Need High-Speed Internet Access?

WiFi BaseStation XG

Imagine you find yourself in a situation where you have to ensure high-speed internet access for a massive crowd. Take a jam-packed concert hall with people streaming the headline act or a stadium filled with thousands- all ready to use their mobile devices!

In such a scenario, one should ensure they have a robust and high-capacity access point. 

Fortunately, UniFi from the Ubiquiti dealers in Dubai has got you covered! Explore the WiFi BaseStation XG- one of the world's top choices for large-venue WiFi installations. Why? Because it can handle up to 1,500 concurrent device connections. 

This BaseStation stands out by dynamically filtering and evenly distributing traffic to prevent channel congestion. It can easily optimize coverage through the directional beamforming antenna. In other words, it's your go-to solution for keeping connectivity flowing smoothly in a massive crowd.

Point-To-Point Bridges

But what if your networking challenges extend beyond a single site? Picture this: you have to link the networks of two buildings in a busy commercial district or an expansive industrial park. In tackling such extensive networking projects, we've got just the solution for you – the point-to-point bridges.

These bridges have a special feature of multi-gigabit wireless links. It works between two locations and spans distances up to 500 meters. This is specially made for large-scale projects. They are adaptive to the layout of the area- thanks to the directional antennas attached! These devices also ensure robust and unobstructed links and overcome challenges posed by area zoning or building positioning. 

These are an ideal choice for urban and industrial requirements to run smooth and seamless networking. 


Networking is not a cakewalk. You need to properly access everything before you make the decision. There’s a Ubiquiti access point for all, for all businesses! You can explore the best deals with Bizaar, the best Ubiquiti networking products distributors in the UAE. Reach out to the experts today.